Early Friday morning, police responded to a 911 call in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

According to KRQE, two sisters went out drinking Friday night, but it wasn’t until they returned home that their evening turned dangerous.

Officers told KRQE their apartment — where their children were present — was covered in blood when they arrived on the scene.

A fight reportedly broke out between Jordan and Chelsea Pedro once they arrived back at Jordan’s apartment, according to police.


But it was no ordinary fight…

The women reportedly stabbed each other; it’s unclear how many times each was stabbed or where on their bodies the knife made contact.

When police arrived, one of the children was covered in blood. However, authorities were relieved to discover it wasn’t the child’s blood.

Thankfully, none of the three kids — two of whom were Chelsea’s — were harmed.

The mystery? After the women sobered up, they weren’t able to recall why the fight began or what they were fighting about.

Both sisters were arrested and charged with child abuse. Their case was presented Saturday morning to Judge Christine Rodriguez, who ruled that the child abuse charge was, in fact, applicable:

“The children were actually present during this altercation between these individuals. They were in the home while all of this was occurring. Based on the standard for probable cause, I do find that there is enough.”


KRQE reported that the state requested the women be held until their trial date, but a District Court judge will need to make that decision at a later date.

It’s unclear whether the children’s father(s) are present in their lives or whose care they’ll be placed under while their mothers are in jail, but according to the state’s request, they might be away from their mothers for a while.

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