Everything about Megan Walker’s appearance suggested that she was seriously ill.

But her identical twin, Sophie, seemed fine.

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As The Sun reports, when 11-year-old Megan started to show alarming symptoms, her parents were quick to get her to the doctor. The young girl from Edinburgh, Scotland was losing weight and had no energy.

Her mother, Rebecca, told Metro that while Sophie showed no symptoms at all, they were desperately worried about Megan:

“We’d been on holiday in August and Sophie was splashing about in the pool with all the kids. It was Megan we were worried about. She was ghostly pale and drained, not her usual self at all.”

Megan underwent a battery of tests — X-rays, an MRI, ultrasounds — but doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Then a test on Sophie, who still looked healthy and full of energy, revealed a cancerous tumor on her kidney. Rebecca told the Sun:

“It was heartbreaking. There was no indication anything was wrong with Sophie.”

Sophie underwent surgery in December and began treatment for the cancer. And her twin has been beside her all the way. Rebecca told the Sun:

“When Sophie got her diagnosis it devastated us all — but Megan in particular. They have always been inseparable. Sophie is boisterous and Megan is more thoughtful and serious. We call Megan the politician of the family.”

The twins’ father left his job to care for his daughter, who is still very weak and has to be fed through a tube in her nose. She will continue chemotherapy until June, and doctors are optimistic about her prognosis.

No one can explain exactly why Megan experienced Sophie’s symptoms, but Rebecca told the Edinburgh Evening News that most think it’s related to their twin bond:

“They’ve put it down to the fact that they are twins. They think Megan was showing us Sophie’s symptoms before we even knew Sophie was ill.”

Helen Turier of the Twins and Multiple Births Association told Metro:

“It can be common that one becomes the ‘caretaker twin’ and perhaps Megan exhibited the symptoms Sophie was feeling.”

The twins’ aunt has started a crowdfunding page to help the family with expenses and “give Sophie something [fun] to look forward to.”

Rebecca says that Megan has been eager to care for her twin during Sophie’s illness, and even offered to cut her hair off in support. The mom of nine told the Sun:

“I haven’t had the heart to let her. Megan is my reminder of how Sophie looked and hopefully will look again soon.”

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