Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

After seven children, Tara Wood isn’t interested in what other people think moms should wear.

As Babble reports, the mom and writer recently made that exact point to the tween daughter who had a problem with her wardrobe. As Wood shared on Facebook:

Remember, a few weeks ago, when my eleven year old Mia admonished me just before I walked out the door for wearing a crop top out in public?

“That’s not how regular Moms dress” she scolded.

And I was all “No s**t. Byyyyye!”

But Wood isn’t a fan of determining that certain clothing is out of bounds simply because you’re a mom. She told Dearly:

“I refuse to allow society or even my own kid dictate to me what is appropriate ‘Mom-wear.’ Clothes are another means of self expression, much like tattoos or hairstyles, and just because we’re moms, I don’t think that mandates us to fit into some antiquated, uptight mold of how we should look, be, act, or dress.”

So when the time came to take her daughter shopping, Wood chose an outfit that made a strong point. And yes, it included a crop top. She wrote:

I’m taking her back to school shopping today and I deliberately chose this outfit as a silent protest to her verbal outrage.

No kid or society is going to tell me what’s appropriate “Mom wear.”

Feel good about how you look?

Wear that s**t. Rock that s**t. Know you’re the s**t.

Wood wasn’t only teaching her daughter about clothing and self-expression. She also feels good about how she looks. She told Dearly:

“I’ve had seven children and my body is imperfect. I felt awesome in that crop top, though. My body has served me well and, as an adult, I get to choose how I dress it.”

She added that she hopes her daughters are learning from that example:

“I want my daughters to think for themselves. I want them to believe in and trust themselves. I want them to know, love, and be proud of their bodies — no matter what size or shape they are.”

Not everyone agreed with how Wood decided to make her point. Some argued that she was choosing to ignore or embarrass her daughter:

Screenshot/Facebook Screenshot/Facebook

Others wondered if she wasn’t teaching her children a lesson she’d end up regretting:

Screenshot/Facebook Screenshot/Facebook

However, Wood says that while she wants her children to be comfortable with who they are, there are still rules about appropriate clothing. She told Dearly:

“While they are children, though, I will be the decider on what is or is not appropriate dress. If they prefer to dress in a style that is not my own, I’ll support them. I will not allow provocative breast-baring tops or booty shorts. Once they’re adults, I hope they’ll wear whatever makes them feel awesome. That’s what I do!”

And it looks like her daughter has already accepted the lesson. Wood told Dearly that Mia hasn’t mentioned the crop top since:

“After I explained to her that I was not going to be beholden to anyone else’s definition of a proper Mom dress code, she shrugged her shoulders and went about her day.

Wood added: “She knows me better than to think I’m going to change my clothes for her or anyone.”

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