A letter containing a powdery substance was delivered to the Washington D.C. office building where former president Barack Obama leases an office, according to Fox 5. The building is owned by the World Wildlife Fund; it houses the organization’s headquarters.

D.C. Fire and EMS Battalion Chief Edward Smith told FOX 5:

“[The] letter was mailed to the World Wildlife Fund office from Hong Kong. It reportedly contained baby powder. It had no return address.”

There are no reports of anyone being taken to the hospital as a result or if Obama was in his office at the time the authorities were called.

Fox 5

This comes a day after President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Vanessa Trump, who is married to Donald Trump Jr., was taken to the hospital after she opened a letter that was contaminated with a white powdery substance, as Dearly previously reported.

Fox 5

According to initial reports, the substance was deemed nonhazardous and it was taken to a lab for additional testing.

Fox 5 reports that the letter mailed to Trump Jr.’s apartment was postmarked from Boston and that the powdery substance turned out to be cornstarch.

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