If you happened to get a glimpse of the Trinity Broadcasting Network during the 1970s, you likely haven’t forgotten Jan Crouch’s powerful testimonies:

And her tears ….

She and her husband Paul made quite a name for themselves as the founders of the TBN, which encompassed JUCE TV, TBN Enlace, Smile of a Child, and The Church Channel — and they made quite a bit of bank, too. According to The Guardian, the network is valued at over $800 million.

Streaming in every continent except the Antarctic, TBN preaches a “prosperity gospel” which promises material rewards to those who donate generously, The Guardian said.

The couple’s success afforded them many luxuries, including several mansions in California, Tennessee, and Florida, private jets, and $100,000 mobile dog home, The Guardian reported.


But life wasn’t as picture perfect as it appeared for the couple.

The two were embroiled in a sex scandal that started 11 years ago in Georgia.

Carra Crouch, Paul and Jan’s granddaughter, claimed that when she was 13, she was assaulted by a TBN employee in a hotel room.

Screenshot/My Christian Daily

During a 2006 “Praise-a-Thon” fundraiser, Carra and an unnamed man smoked a cigarette, drank alcohol, and watched a movie together in her private hotel room, according to court documents.

Carra and her attorneys alleged that the unnamed employee fondled her, attempted to kiss her, and offered her a glass of water she believed was laced with a drug. After she awoke, she suspected she had been raped.

According to court documents, she filed a lawsuit in 2012 after bringing the incident to Jan, who allegedly ignored and chastised the grandchild while screaming, “It is your fault!”

The lawsuit claimed that because Jan was an ordained minister, she was required to report potential sexual abuse to authorities, though Jan and her attorneys argued that she was approached as a family member, not as a minister.

However, both Jan and her husband died during the time court proceedings were occurring and could never answer directly for their alleged crimes.

Now at age 24, Carra finally has her answer.

This Monday, a jury awarded her $2 million dollars because her grandmother had failed to make a report.

She’s finally relieved:

‘This has been going on since I was 18, so that has consumed my entire adult life. It’s exciting that they’re being held accountable for at least part of the blame.”

According to the Daily Mail, she was awarded $1 million for “past emotional damage” and $1 million for “future pain and suffering.”

The Trinity Broadcast Network still runs shows that feature contemporaries in the Christian faith, including Joel Osteen and Beth Moore. It is currently the world’s largest Christian TV channel.

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