A North Carolina 17-year-old is letting other teens know that having their parents track them just may save their life.

USA Today reports that Macy Smith was driving to see a friend when she hydroplaned near Pilot Mountain on June 7. Her Nissan Altima flipped over three times down into an embankment, where she would remain trapped for seven hours.

Almost 24 hours ago I was lying in a ditch 20 yards off the road for the 7th hour with my arm pinned under my car. I…

Posted by Macy Smith on Saturday, June 8, 2019

She wrote about the accident on Facebook:

Almost 24 hours ago I was lying in a ditch 20 yards off the road for the 7th hour with my arm pinned under my car. I will never forget the sound of my family calling out my name when they found me around 10:30 pm. I hydroplaned at 4:00 pm and ran in between 2 trees down an embankment, flipped my car 3 times, and landed in my back seat with my arm pinned in between the car and the ground.

I have lost all of the nerves in this arm and cannot feel it at all. I had surgery this morning to attempt to relive pressure and swelling. I also came out of this accident with a fractured neck.

I searched for my phone to call for help but the only thing in sight was my bible. I held on to my bible and prayed harder than I had ever prayed before. I do not deserve to be here right now, but God has bigger plans for me.

After Smith missed curfew and failed to respond to texts and calls, her mother Catrina Alexander began to worry.

The mom told the Washington Post:

“The lack of response was out of character for her.”

Suddenly, Alexander remembered that she and Smith had agreed to use a tracking app last year. So the mom opened the “Find My Friends” app which pinpointed her daughter’s exact location.

Alexander said:

“Having that location, if we didn’t have that, we would have never known where to look. I’m certain that that is what saved her life.”

Once Alexander and other family members got to Smith around 10:30 p.m. that night, her mom called 911. The teen said she’d remained calm the entire seven hours she was in the car. However, that all changed when her stepfather came and held her hand.

According to the Washington Post, she said:

“I couldn’t hold it in anymore because of the feeling of relief and knowing that I don’t even deserve to be alive. It’s unreal that I survived that crash.”

Smith is more grateful for the app now than ever.

She told the Washington Post:

“I know it’s hard for teenagers to give up your privacy, but sneaking out and being places you don’t want your parents to know about is not worth being trapped under a car for seven hours.”

Further, Smith is speaking out to let other kids her age know that sharing their locations with their parents may not be such a bad idea.

She explained:

“I want to share my message because teenagers need to hear it from me. If you had been through what I’ve been through you would never say that you didn’t want that app.”

The Washington Post reports Alexander described what happened to her daughter as an unforgettable “miracle.”

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One Reply to “Teen Tells Other Kids to Share Location With Parents After Mom Uses App to Track Her After Car Crash”

  • Leslee 1 year ago

    Be careful who you share this locater app with. I had mine open to my contact list and ended up with a serious stalker. I had to get a protection order against him and after he violated it three times they finally arrested him. I think the locating app is a wonderful tool but should only be shared with family or very close friends.

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