Actress Tori Spelling isn’t shy when it comes to sharing details about her personal life, but her blithe candor has definitely caused her a fair share of headaches.

Not only has Spelling been in the limelight since, well, ever, but she has chosen to live a very public life whether through her family’s own reality show or her saturation of social media.

From her highly publicized financial struggles to her intimate marital issues — namely her husband Dean McDermott’s infidelity — Spelling has endured public criticism on almost every aspect of her life.

And during a recent interview with People, Spelling raised plenty of eyebrows after gushing about her youngest son and fifth child, Beau.


Referencing her shaky past with McDermott, Spelling told People she feels her fifth kid has been an amazing rock for her renewed marriage:

“I feel like Beau is really the pillar of the rebirth of our relationship because our relationship had to crumble for it to be rebuilt and it was really important that we just start it over.”

She continued, explaining that the baby is the first child she and McDermott have raised in their healthier state:

“I think Beau is a symbol of that because he’s the first baby out of all five that we’re raising in a communicative way.”

However, her statements left people wondering several things. First and foremost, fans wanted her to be clear on one very important thing:

People were adamant that Spelling’s belief her baby was a “symbol” was not a good sign:

And, they brought up the couple’s other children, saying if four kids don’t fix a marriage, a fifth child definitely won’t, either:

A sentiment many fans echoed:

Spelling also told People she looks back at their marriage and laughs at how little work she put into it:

“I look back and I remember doing interviews probably seven years ago … I was like, ‘It’s easy, we don’t have to work at it. We have this great marriage.'”

Now, however, she feels much differently:

“Eleven years later, I’m like, ‘It’s a lot of work.’ It takes work and I took that for granted — I think we both did. We thought, ‘Oh, our relationship just works,’ and the truth is, no relationship just works.”

Especially, she told People, when it comes to her and her husband’s communication skills:

“I really feel like I found my voice in the relationship. It was really empowering for me because my whole life I grew up and I never talked about my feelings … so I carried that into my relationship.

Now I talk too much about my feelings, but it’s so much better to talk about stuff.”

But fans showed concern that she sees having children together as putting “work” into her marriage — and they clearly don’t approve if that’s the case. For now, Spelling continues to keep her and her family’s life in the spotlight as she and McDermott stick together.

And rumors of another pregnancy continue to whirl…

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