On the latest episode of “Little People, Big World,” Zach Roloff and his wife, Tori, are seen enduring the highs and lows of being parents, especially parents of a child with dwarfism.

During the show, Tori and Zach are first seen encouraging and celebrating one of their son Jackson’s biggest milestones — taking his first steps.

It was a milestone they weren’t expecting until Jackson was at least two-and-a-half based on Zach’s history with hitting milestones as a child.

Both parents were pleasantly surprised to see Jackson walking by 13 months old. Tori said:

“Jackson just turned 1, and he’s one the verge of walking, which is right in line with average height kids. […] As far as developement, I think he’s doing just fine.”

Zach added:

“Jackson, he’s doing great. Things that typical dwarfs could have, medical things, at his age, he has not had any of those as of now. […] He’s not out of the woods yet for things that LPs could typically have.”

However, with the high of seeing their son hit milestones quicker than they expected, Tori is also seen worrying about the way Jackson’s legs are developing.

As the couple explained, Zach needed to have multiple surgeries on this legs as a child because of how his bones grew.

Tori admitted:

“The first six months were, I was worried about the breathing, because I was always like, ‘It’s going to happen at night, and he’s just going to stop breathing.'”

She added:

“I have never been an anxious person in my entire life. Ever since I’ve become a mom, I get so much more anxiety now. So many things can happen, and it is scary.”

And although Zach admitted his son is “way ahead of me,” he does worry about his son’s future, specifically dealing with the people who will point at him because he’s different and how that will make his son wish he was “like everyone else.”

Nonetheless, the proud parents said that if Jackson is able to walk into a room with the same confidence he has now when he’s 10, he’ll be “just fine.”

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