On March 1, Entertainment Tonight (ET) confirmed that authorities were called to former 90210 actress Tori Spelling’s house after she reportedly had a mental breakdown.

The “mental illness” call was placed early Thursday morning, though police had already been called to the Spelling residence the night before when Tori reportedly believed someone was breaking into their home. As it turned out, it was just her husband, Dean McDermott, coming home unexpectedly.

Tori Spelling/Instagram

According to a source who said they have first hand knowledge of the situation, Tori assumed her house was being broken into because her husband had reportedly left the house days earlier because he needed a break. She had no idea when he was going to come home.

The source told ET:

“She had no idea he had walked in the door and it scared her. She is obsessed with trying to make her relationship with Dean work despite all their issues. Her breakdown came after she and Dean had been fighting. She literally was hysterical and, sadly, the kids were home and everyone was scared. She is under far too much pressure.”

The pressure is allegedly what lead to the mental breakdown.

Tori Spelling/Instagram

As ET reports, the stress may come from the pair’s unstable marriage as well as their attempts to work their way out of extreme credit card debt and take care of their five young children.

The source said that even though Tori’s mom, Candy, lent them some money to help lower their credit card debt, all of the burden has fallen on Tori.

Tori Spelling/Instagram

She is allegedly in “no place to pay her mother back”:

“There are several things that led up to this, and she really couldn’t take the pressure any longer. Tori tries to be the best mom she can be, but with five children and terrible financial issues, her marriage has suffered tremendously.”

The source continued:

“She spent weeks at home alone with her family. She has not been active on her social media and also stopped talking to almost all her friends.”

ET reports that since the breakdown, Tori has been able to “calm down” and has begun to realize that “it’s time for a change.”

The last time Tori posted to Instagram was on January 23. It was a photo with four of her five children:

Tori Spelling/Instagram

The 44-year-old mom welcomed her fifth child one year ago on March 2, 2017. Her oldest is nearly 11.

She is also a stepmom to Dean’s son from a previous relationship.

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