Skeptical ‘Sister Wives’ Christine Finally Figures Out Why Mykelti Acts So Quiet Around Fiancé Tony

In June 2016, the Brown family of TLC’s “Sister Wives” grew by one when Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter, Mykelti Brown, got engaged.

Mykelti posted this photo of her and her now husband, Anthony “Tony” Padron, on Instagram to announce their plans to become husband and wife:

Both Mykelti and Tony gushed about each other to US Weekly following their engagement. Mykelti called Tony “incredible”:

“Tony completes me in every way. He is an incredible man and together, I believe we are perfect.”

And Tony echoed her sentiments:

“I feel as if I’ve completed a puzzle with her and added superglue to keep it together forever!”

However, while Mykelti and Tony knew they were perfect for each other, it took the Mykelti’s parents a little bit longer to see it.

And it took Tony cooking an authentic Mexican meal for the family to make it happen.

In a bonus video posted by TLC, Tony is seen cooking dinner for Mykelti’s family.

For Christine, Kody, and the other sister wives, watching the pair cook dinner together allowed them to see just how well Tony and Mykelti get along with one another.

At first, Christine worried that Mykelti wasn’t being herself around Tony. She explained:

“Mykelti was so quiet when she was around Tony, I thought maybe she wasn’t really being herself …”

However, Christine and the others soon realized that Mykelti and Tony are great together. Sister Wife Robyn first began explaining during a confessional:

“I sit and I watch Tony with Mykelti and he absolutely adores her.”

Mykelti’s mother, Christine, then jumped in to say that seeing them together that day was her ‘aha’ moment:

“It’s true and he loves Mykelti for Mykelti. Just for her. I finally had my ‘aha’ moment when they were cooking. This will be a memory forever because this cemented them as a couple for me. I’m just super excited … gosh, they’re really cute together.

Christine continued:

“She’s just comfortable. She’s just relaxed. She the most herself. She is like she is when it’s just her and I.”

After that dinner, the Browns welcomed Tony into the family with open arms. And six month after their engagement, the young pair officially became husband and wife:

The family couldn’t be happier.

As People reports, while Mykelti grew up in a polygamist family, she does not plan on living her life the same way.