In an interview with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s father, Tom Brady Sr., the proud dad revealed some of the moments from his son’s childhood that really showcased his competitive spirit.

Brady may have never been the strongest or the fastest on the field, but he’d argue that he was the most competitive.

He told the media during a press conference leading up the Super Bowl LIII, per ESPN:

“I think some people are born with great height. Some people are born with great size, great speed. And some people are born with other things that are more intangible. I think competitiveness and the ability to compete has been a great attribute for me, and it started when I was young.”

However, the future Hall of Famer also admitted that if his children ever acted the way he did when he was young, he would not be happy about it.

According to Brady Sr., his son was so competitive that it would sometimes come off as him being a poor sport. Brady Sr. explained to ESPN:

“We had a wall upstairs in our bedroom that he threw a TV changer through that my wife hid it for about three years of high school until he went away to college. Then she moved the picture, and I discovered it the hole in the wall.”

Brady Sr. continued:

“We used to go out and play a lot of golf together, and I remember one particular day, we were on our way to Candlestick Park to see the Giants, but we stopped at the golf course to play nine holes, and we would always bet. I bet him a dollar against a car wash, and by the time we got to the seventh hole, of course, we would always double or nothing, so by the time we got to the seventh hole, he owed me about 40 car washes.

He ended up throwing the club into the tree, and I sent him to the car, told him I’d never play golf with him again in his life.”

Brady later begged his dad to forgive him, promising to never act that way on the golf course again:

“I was crying. I was so sad. I went to the Giants game, and I think that probably hurt my dad to do that as a parent. After the game, he said, ‘We’ll go back and play again.’ I learned a great lesson.”

In response to his dad’s interview, Brady admitted that he “was a very poor sport” when he was younger, even adding that he remembers those days better than his dad does.

The quarterback said:

“I just remember losing and taking the remote and slamming it down over and over. If my kids did that today, I don’t know what the heck I would do. But I wouldn’t be happy.

I remember punching a hole in the wall of our house. It was for a different reason. That’s a very personal story. I’m not going to [share why].”

Brady continued:

“It was really part of my whole family. Everyone was the same way, so it was definitely in our family’s DNA to compete, and to want to just play to win. I was always encouraged to do that — ‘Let’s go for it, let’s try to go to camps with other kids that are really talented.’ I think that’s just a great thing that my parents were able to instill in me to shoot for the stars. You try to do the best you can do.”

And now, at 41 years old and still competing at a high level, Brady says he still tries to do the best he can do:

“I’m still shooting for the stars and doing something I love to do.”

A lesson he clearly hopes his three children take away from his long and successful career.

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