When New York mom Celia Riggs and husband Scottie took their three children to see “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in January, they didn’t expect that one of them would end up in tears thanks to a stranger in the theater.

According to the Washington Post, it started when the family sat down near 25-year-old Keri Karman, who did not seem pleased to be seated next to 2-year-old Harley Riggs.

And when the child asked to have some of her mom’s popcorn, Karman allegedly lost it.

Nassau County Police Department

The mother told the New York Post that her daughter wasn’t being disruptive:

“All she said was ‘popcorn.’ She didn’t even say a full sentence.”

But that was enough to prompt Karman to scold the toddler for talking. Riggs then asked the 25-year-old not to talk to her daughter, but that elicited an even worse reaction.

Karman started to curse and put her middle finger against the toddler’s cheek, said the mom.

She then grabbed the mother’s container of popcorn and dumped it over the child before hitting her in the head with the empty tub, the New York Post reports.

Karman’s father, 61-year-old Charles Karman, did nothing to stop his daughter from hitting the child, according to police.

Nassau County Police Department

Riggs quickly grabbed her upset child and ran out the emergency exit with her family. She told New York Post:

“I just wanted to get my daughter out to safety. I ran out with her. She was crying a lot.”

Harley was allegedly left with a “contusion” on her head following the incident.

After a two month police investigation, both Karman and her father were arrested on Friday on suspicion of endangering the welfare of a child.

However, friends of Karman said that the mother’s claims are too out-of-character for her to be true, the Sacramento Bee reports. They claimed that the mother attacked the 25-year-old first.

Riggs said that her daughter was left traumatized by the incident, and now says “My head, my head” when she sees popcorn. She denies ever attacking Karman.

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