Like many toddlers, 2-year-old Ella McBrien regularly picks objects off the floor and places them inside of her mouth. This week she was rushed to the hospital after finding a set of magnets.

Now her parents, Kyle and Elizabeth, are warning others to get rid of their Buckyballs magnets in order to protect other children. Elizabeth told KDVR:

“Throw them away. It’s not even worth the risk.”

Kyle was at home watching Ella when the incident occurred. He stepped away to use the bathroom and when he returned, she had a handful of Buckyballs magnets in her hand.

The parents rushed Ella to Children’s Hospital Colorado. An X-ray determined that Ella had swallowed 28 magnets and that they had started to create a small hole in the toddler’s bowels.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Buckyballs magnets were recalled in 2013 after numerous families had reported problems with children ingesting the product and becoming ill. But the decision was reversed in late 2016, which allowed the product to return to the market.

Fortunately, Dr. Robert Kramer at Children’s Hospital Colorado was able to use a special form of endoscopy to remove the magnets. But he told KDVR that he fears he will start to see more of these types of injuries in the future:

“We are starting to see more of these high power magnet ingestions now that they are back on the market.”

The Washington Post reported that a child died after ingesting magnets from a sibling’s playset in 2005. Many other children have required surgery to remove the small magnets.

Fortunately, Ella was able to recover quickly. But her parents were sure to throw away the rest of the magnets when they returned home.

Watch the full report via KDVR below.

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