When 3-year-old Paloma found a pair of keys at her day care in Bedford, Virginia, she picked them up and put them inside of the electrical socket. She yelled when she felt the shock from the electricity.

According to a Facebook post by her mom, Shannon Dominguez, the day care staff told the toddler to “stop screaming” and removed the keys from the socket. She didn’t learn about the incident until she picked her daughter up after work.

On Thursday, July 27th, keys were negligently left out at my 3-year-olds childcare, the Bedford Area YMCA.She took…

Posted by Shannon Thibodeau Dominguez on Monday, July 31, 2017

WSET in Lynchburg, Virginia reports that Paloma was brought to the hospital where the young girl showed signs of an irregular heartbeat.

In an interview with Dearly, Shannon said her daughter is doing as expected after she was electrocuted:

“Paloma appears to be fine other than concerns regarding her abnormal EKG and how she was affected emotionally by being neglected over the past months at her day care […] Paloma was just seen by her pediatrician for a follow up appointment from the electrocution incident on 7/27. They did not have much to say besides reminders to drink lots of water.

Paloma has post conclusive syndrome from the concussion that occurred on 6/26 and still has frequent headaches from that. Her skull was examined and she received a manipulation in hopes that will relieve some of her headaches.”

But Shannon is upset the day care didn’t contact her or seek medical attention for her child.

She told Dearly that she has since removed Paloma from the Bedford Area Family YMCA and will likely not enroll her in another one:

“It is hard to even begin to trust another day care facility at this point.”

Paloma has been staying with her grandmother and family friends while her parents are at work. Shannon told Dearly that she believes her daughter might have been neglected at the facility for weeks:

“Before she was electrocuted I made an appointment for her to see a counselor regarding some concerning behaviors I was seeing from her. Now that I know the definition and symptoms of neglect, I believe that could be the source of the behaviors I was seeing in her.”

She told Dearly the entire process of searching for alternative solutions to day care has been overwhelming, but she’s glad her daughter is safe at home.

This sweet thing would like to thank everyone in her community who has stood behind her and spoken up over something…

Posted by Shannon Thibodeau Dominguez on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Over the course of her research, she found a list of other violations on the Virginia Department of Social Services website that the YMCA has committed. She warned other parents on Facebook:

I discovered that this facility, the Bedford YMCA, has MANY code violations. They are located 875 feet from highway 460 and have literally LOST children while in their care.

Please, mamas, be aware. Be careful.

She’s since received plenty of abuse from other parents who told her that she should’ve taught her daughter not to put the keys inside of the socket in the first place.

CLARIFICATION TIME:I did, indeed, teach my child not to stick objects into electrical outlets.She still did it…

Posted by Shannon Thibodeau Dominguez on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

But she told Dearly that she’s glad she shared her story for other parents to be cautious when selecting a day care provider:

“I would like to make parents more aware of the resources available to them about day care standards and encourage them to ask their day care providers about staff requirements, ongoing staff training, safety procedures as well as conflict resolution protocols and procedures on informing parents when medical needs arise. We need more consequences for day care facilities who are not up to date with safety codes and procedures.”

According to Child Care Aware of America, there aren’t any national statistics on the number of child injuries and fatalities in day care centers. The data is collected by some states and are often incomplete or inconsistent.

But, as earlier reported by Independent Journal Review, there appears to be a pattern of child fatalities occurring at unlicensed day care facilities.

Executive Director Lynette Fraga from Child Care Aware told Dearly that parents can help to reduce risk of injury to their child by searching for facilities that have necessary licensing and continuous training:

“When searching for child care, parents want safe, healthy, nurturing and caring environments for their children. However, many parents don’t know to ask about specific health and safety criteria when they’re looking. Child Care Aware of America encourages parents to research their child care options, including checking license statuses, reviewing inspection reports and looking for quality ratings. Once parents have a few options in mind, the next step is to visit in person. There, parents should look for and ask about low adult-to-child ratios, small group size, caregiver qualifications, low staff turnover, national accreditation, health and safety measures, such as an emergency preparedness plan and age-appropriate toys and equipment, as well as safe infant sleep practices.”

Fraga recommends that parents ask how the facility handles emergency situations, including medical, and that parents continue to stay involved in the program.

For nearly a decade, Child Care Aware® of America (CCAoA) has established expectations for and documented states’…

Posted by Child Care Aware of America on Thursday, June 29, 2017

She said:

“Even after selecting a child care provider, parents should continue to ask questions, visit the program, and seek to build a trusting relationship with the provider. Health and safety considerations in child care go beyond hand washing and should include the entire scope of what goes into keeping our children safe and healthy.”

She recommended calling the Child Care Aware hotline at 1-800-424-2246 for parents and providers to find more information about safe child care.

According to WSET, the YMCA is currently investigating the incident. CEO Mary Jo Boone wrote in a statement:

Safety is our primary concern in all that we do. As such, we take any matters involving the safety of our children very seriously. When this incident occurred, we began an internal investigation into our policies and procedures. Based on what we learned from that and on any additional findings, we will act accordingly.

Shannon told Dearly she spoke with the director and CEO of the YMCA location on July 21. She returned the facility this week to request incident reports.

Since the incident, she’s written multiple emails to the director but has yet to hear back.

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