An average Thursday turned tragic for the Vanderkleed family last month. On Aug. 17, 2-year-old Logan Vanderkleed got into a mechanical mishap with his parents’ car that cost him his life.

According to a Facebook post from Logan’s mother, Lisa, the young boy accidentally rolled up an automatic car window onto his own neck and could not figure how to lower it:

For those of you asking how this accident happened… My hubby and his dad work on a family farm so they take the kids…

Posted by Love for Logan on Saturday, August 19, 2017

Vanderkleed explained:

During nap time, my hubby and his dad were cleaning a vehicle out right next to our vehicle that the kids were in, so since they could see the kids in the car right there and it was super hot outside, they left the kids in the car with the air running and windows up. Our son must have decided to put the window down to look for daddy or tell them something and then somehow rolled it up on himself (the window button on the explorer is a toggle switch so left and right makes it go up and down) which is unlike our other car window in which you actually have to pull up on the lever to move the window.

Logan then “stuck his head out to look for daddy or tell daddy something and maybe his knee or foot hit the button on the door and he freaked out and couldn’t reach it or figure out how to unroll it.”

Posted by Love for Logan on Friday, August 18, 2017

According to a GoFundMe page, Logan was found unconscious, devoid of oxygen and a pulse. The authorities were called while family and medical personnel administered CPR to the child.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough.

Posted by Love for Logan on Friday, August 18, 2017

Logan was rushed to a local hospital by ambulance, examined and then subsequently air-lifted to Riley Children’s Hospital. Even at the children’s hospital, Logan’s future seemed bleak. The GoFundMe description read, in part:

He was non-responsive to numerous testing, was showing low levels of brain function, and his body was undergoing convulsions/shaking.

Vanderkleed then set up the Facebook page “Love for Logan,” which sent periodic updates to friends and fans on Logan’s health.

Less than a week out, Logan’s condition worsened, and his entire family braced for the worst. Lisa updated her Facebook, explaining his dire condition to readers:

The doctors keep saying he is not responsive to anything and while he is not brain dead, he has very little residual brain activity. I am asking for another MRI just for peace of mind and to make sure God doesn’t show miraculous healing on his brain.

It was too late for Logan. On Aug. 24, Logan died surrounded by his family.

Well we have a strong fighter with a strong heart. We are out of the operating room because we went over an hour and a…

Posted by Love for Logan on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The family has donated his organs to the Indiana Donor Network in order to help other children in desperate need. Despite the devastating loss, Lisa and the rest of the Vanderkleed family continue celebrate Logan’s happy, albeit short, life.

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