When California mom Alexandrea Raven Scott, 23, went to meet up with some friends at their home on Wednesday, she forgot that her 18-month-old son was in the backseat. 

According to the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office, it was around 3 a.m. when the mother left her son, Chergery Teywoh Lew Mays, inside the vehicle. The outside temperature was around 80 degrees at the time.

Police wrote in a release: 

Once there, Scott, who resides in Humboldt County, socialized with people while leaving her child in the back seat of her car which was parked in front of the residence with the windows rolled up.

It was around 10 hours before anyone realized Mays had been left inside the car. By then, the toddler had passed away.

The mother and a friend rushed the infant to Howard Memorial Hospital in Willits. And around 1:30 p.m., police were called to investigate the infant’s death. 

National Weather Service meteorologist Jan Null said that the inside temperature of the car would have been extremely hot, up to 130 degrees, despite relatively mild temperatures outside.

He told San Jose Mercury News:

“It doesn’t have to be a blazing hot day for these to happen. They can happen anywhere, and happen to anyone.”

Scott was arrested and charged with suspicion of willfully causing or permitting a child to suffer great bodily injury or death. She is currently being held without bail. 

According to Time, an interior car temperature of 104 can potentially kill a child. On average, researchers found it takes approximately an hour for a vehicle to reach that level, depending on outside temperature.

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