A mom shared a frightening, yet valuable lesson after her son swallowed a bit of baby oil earlier this week.

JennaJoy Ingraham wrote on Facebook that her 18-month-old son managed to grab the baby oil off the counter and drink a little bit of it while the family was getting ready for church Sunday morning.

Luckily, her husband Casey Ingraham caught their son and confiscated the bottle. She says that aside from making “yucky” faces about the taste, her son had no alarming reaction to the product.

But that soon changed.

She shared that a few minutes later, Graysen became “lethargic” and unresponsive. She said he began falling asleep and described him as “dead weight” in her arms. The Ingraham couple decided to contact Graysen’s on-call nurse after observing his behavior.

The parents were then instructed to contact Poison Control.

Ingraham wrote about her experience with the center:

Poison Control asked some questions about his behavior along with his coughing and told us to take him to the ER now in case he aspirated any of it and it got in his lungs. They mentioned most parents don’t realize how dangerous baby oil can be if inhaled. Poison Control told us they would call the hospital to let them know what was coming and that we needed to take him now. Cue my intense panic.

She said her husband took their son to the hospital while she remained home with their older son. The doctor told her husband that they would need to keep Graysen under observation in the hospital for a few hours to assure he was okay.

She shared:

They did X-rays on his little lungs and told Case it’s the equivalent to you or I drinking gasoline.

What?! How did I not know that?! How has no one I have told so far known anything about how dangerous baby oil can be?! Of course we should not have had it on the counter where he could crawl up and grab it. Absolutely my careless mistake. And a big one. After researching, I have learned it is a hydrocarbon and falls in the same categories as lighter fluid and motor oil.

She says her husband returned home with her son about four hours later with instructions to monitor his breathing for 24 hours. Thankfully, Graysen was okay.

The mother shared her experience to inform other parents “about how dangerous an old nursery staple could be”.

She wrote:

So today I feel crazy anxious but extremely lucky as I cuddle my tiny guy and obsessively listen for any changes in his breathing. I also really feel the need to spread the word of how dangerous that little bottle all new Mommies get at their baby shower or have next to the bath or changing table actually can be.

So thank God it’s past 24 hours now and Gray seems okay. Also for Casey and his cool, calm and collective self during moments of extreme mommy anxiety because again, thank God where I am so weak, he is so strong. ?❤️

Ingraham ended her post with a link to the Poison Control Center’s website. The page confirms her post, stating that the center often receives calls about babies swallowing baby oil and explains the danger of the hydrocarbon going into their lungs.

Many parents were happy that Ingraham shared her experience and responded to her post.

One user commented:

What a testimony. God is good. Glad everything worked out. I will be sure to put this up as we carry it in our house! Thank you for sharing. ???

Other Facebook users commented giving alternatives to baby oil such as canola oil, coconut oil, and vegetable oil.

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