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TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé” follows the journey of long-distance relationships and the 90-day period foreign fiancés need to either marry or let their partner’s visa expire.

Although the couples know each other fairly well before getting hitched — or saying goodbye — one never really stops learning about their significant other.

And for one of the show’s couples, Colombian-born Paola Mayfield and Oklahoma-based Russ Mayfield, that learning curve is in full effect.

After posing in a topless photo shoot last season, Paola found herself smack dab in the “biggest fight” she’s ever had with her husband.

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The two had completely opposing ideas about what is appropriate and what isn’t. Paola felt that the pictures were “classy,” but her husband did not.

She recently told Fox News that said she felt the photo shoot was going to make her “look professional” but that it “happened so fast”:

“I think I learned my lesson, but I think that was the biggest fight that we had. I wasn’t expect[ing] to do that either. It just, I don’t know, it happened so fast, but it was classy. I wasn’t showing any … showing too much, of course. It was sexy but yeah, oopsie.”

And she said that since then, they’ve both had to majorly compromise on what they find acceptable to do in public and post on social media, especially considering Paola’s new passion:

“I’m getting more into fitness and that requires [me] to be a little bit more revealing, something that my husband is not that happy [about]. But he’s getting to the point [of] trying to understand my position that I’m not doing it just because I want to expose myself.”

She continued, saying, for her, it’s all about the intention behind her actions:

“[It’s not] like, ‘Look at me! I’m half naked.’ No, it’s because I actually, I motivate people to change their lifestyle.”

Russ, however, revealed that watching that topless photo shoot scene on national TV was a very tough thing for him.

He added that they’ve managed to meet in the middle when it comes to Paola’s career and his values:

“She’s promoting herself through her workouts and also through her modeling to show all the hard work she has done for her body and I’m very proud of that.”

But now, there is definitely a line in the sand. Russ told Fox News:

“There is a point that I like to make sure she keeps it classy. I come from Oklahoma and I’ve got my conservative morals and values and I’m not going to change her and she is who she is and that’s what I love about her.”

The two, like any couple, definitely have a lot more learning to do, but will continue to share their journey with the nation on “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” The show airs on Sunday nights.

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