Following Derick Dillard’s controversial remarks toward fellow reality star Jazz Jennings, TLC tweeted out that the “Counting On” star’s views were not in alignment with those of the network:

As Dearly previously reported, TLC was forced to respond to Dillard’s comments after he fired a tweet at Jazz Jennings, whose show, “I Am Jazz,” follows the 14-year-old through her experience living as a transgender teen.

Ahead of an airing of an episode, Dillard tweeted that “‘Transgender’ is a myth”:

Dillard later clarified it wasn’t so much being transgender that he disagreed with but the language TLC was using to promote the show, reinforcing his stance by using the pronoun “him”:

Jennings responded to the criticism a day later, writing that being attacked for her gender was nothing new. The response was extra fiery since there was no mention of Dillard at all:

Although TLC was forced to show their hand following the clash between their two stars, many felt the network wasn’t going far enough to distance themselves from Dillard’s beliefs — which are shared by the conservative Duggar family, also current TLC stars.

Dillard is married to Jill Duggar, the second eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle, who made her reality TV debut on the now-canceled show, “19 Kids and Counting.”

The spinoff series, “Counting On,” follows the older Duggar children as they marry off and establish families of their own. Now, ahead of the new season scheduled to premiere on Sept. 11, TLC may have made their feelings about Dillard’s statements more obviously known.

As The Hollywood Gossip points out, the Dillard family is noticeably absent from the latest promo:

Posted by Counting On on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jinger (Duggar) and Jeremy Vuolo appear alongside Jessa (Duggar) and Ben Seewald, but Jill and Derick have been left out of the photo. All three couples are central features on the show.

Earlier promos for the show have featured Dillard, leading some to suggest that the recent media photo is a bold statement from the network that they are trying to distance themselves from him:

Posted by Counting On on Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fans definitely noticed the couple was missing in the wake of Dillard’s comments.

Facebook user Georgia Boone wrote that Derick had a right to express his beliefs on the issue of being transgender:

Derick has free speech rights!!! I personally find even the Jazz commercials offensive!! So, I flip the channel off during those!!! You can live your life however you want just not in my face!! NO I don’t watch her/His show!!

Fan Rachele Whalen called out TLC for having a double standard when it comes to personal opinion:

So now Derek and Jill aren’t on the show because of one perhaps poorly stated opinion? I would venture to perhaps call that bigoted.

Some fans suspect that the absence of Jill and Derick ahead of the show spells out that the couple will eventually be gone for good.

Another fan, Lisa Alderidge, theorized that it was a move already in the works:

I think Derjill were kicked off the show due to them being the least popular, and I believe it happened before the Twitter rant. That would explain Derick’s biting the hand that fed him. The birth couldn’t be filmed at the hospital and something happened during the ordeal that they are keeping secret anyway. TLC had no reason to keep them on the show. Now if they would just get a clue and get rid of the whole bunch that would be great.

A “Counting On” viewer, Eric-Grace Listing, wanted to know if this was true:

Does this mean Derick and Jill are off the show because of Derick’s comments?!

It could be argued that Jill and Derick were still conducting their missionary work in Central America at the time the photos were taken or that the photo aims to give viewers a hint of what to expect this season as far as who is more closely followed. However, the latest teaser clip focuses largely on Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding to Austin Forsyth.

Since returning to the States for the birth of their second son, Samuel, Jill, and Derick announced they would be closing their ministry work overseas in order to stay at home in Arkansas.

They haven’t made a statement about the future of their relationship with TLC.

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