TLC has officially cut ties with Derick Dillard following his recent comments on Twitter about fellow network star Jazz Jennings.

In August, the “Counting On” star’s remarks following the season premiere of “I Am Jazz” kicked up a firestorm of controversy when Dillard called the reality show’s premise an “oxymoron” due to transgender identity being a “myth”:

Commenters and “I Am Jazz” fans censured Dillard for his remarks, who clarified he took no issue with Jennings but the concept of being transgender:

Jennings appeared to acknowledge the comments, though leaving Dillard’s name out of the mix, referring to an instance of cyberbullying:

TLC issued a statement to separate the network from Dillard’s controversial remarks.

Fans of “I Am Jazz” petitioned for “Counting On” to be pulled from the air, claiming the show promoted transphobia by giving a platform to its cast member:

Recently, Dillard spoke out about Jennings’s gender and criticized “I Am Jazz” again on Twitter. But this time, the comments were enough to prompt the network to sever ties with him completely. Dillard tweeted:

Following the comments, TLC issued a statement saying that although Dillard already had not been involved in recent “Counting On” episodes, the network has no plans to include him anytime soon:

Dillard has not directly addressed his removal from the show, although a recent Instagram post seemed to point towards the issue:


The Duggar family, of which Dillard is a member through his marriage to Jill Duggar, acknowledged the separation by posting the network’s statement on the Duggar Family blog:

For those who are not aware of what “personal statements” TLC is referring to, Derick has publicly shared his views against transgenderism, while mentioning the TLC program I am Jazz, which follows the life of transgender teen Jazz Jennings.

Although the conservative family has not issued a stance on transgender identity, Duggar matriarch Michelle has advocated against transgender people using the bathroom of the opposite sex.

Dillard, meanwhile, had previously expressed his opinion on transgender issues through a tweet aimed at the Boy Scouts of America following the news the organization would be admitting transgender members:

Jennings hasn’t directly addressed Dillard’s removal from the network, but a tweet to followers insinuated that the teen was not immune to backlash from the decision:

Jennings is an advocate for the young transgender community and has sat down with conservative journalist Tomi Lahren to discuss the issue of transgender bathroom rights.

Following his second round of comments aimed at the teen, Dillard tweeted he was simply expressing his concerns as a Christian:

The remarks weren’t enough for TLC to keep him on the show.

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