Tide pods have been the subject of great controversy since late 2017, when teens started encouraging each other to participate in the “Tide Pod Challenge.” Dearly reported in December that children would dare one another to eat the laundry detergent pods, in spite of its warning label.

So Tide’s highly popular Super Bowl ad signaled a welcome break from its recent trend of negative press. The ad featured actor David Harbour, who’s known for his role in Netflix’s hit show, “Stranger Things.”


In the ad, Tide parodied television commercial stereotypes in a series of clips in which Harbour told the viewer that even though it looks like an ad for a car or beer, it is in fact, a Tide ad.

In one of the clips designed to look like an insurance commercial, Harbour is with two people who ask him, “What makes it a Tide ad?

Harbour responds:

“There are no stains. Look at those clean clothes. What else would this be an ad for?”

A man fixing the car asks, “Diamonds?”


He launches into the next clip, seemingly advertising a diamond necklace. The baritone voice of the narrator says, “A gift that lasts —”

Harbour cuts off the narrator with, “No, Tide ad.”


The commercial also parodies advertisements for a soft drink, Amazon’s Alexa, and a fragrance. The Tide ad ends with Harbour sitting on a couch in a laundry-themed ad, asking the audience:

“So does this make every Super Bowl ad — Tide ad? I think it does.”


The Wrap estimates that Tide may have spent as much as $18.333 million — for about 100 seconds of ad time during the game.

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