Working mom Tia Mowry is thankful that her husband is heavily involved in her kid’s life — but she doesn’t think he should be praised for it.

The 41-year-old actress, who currently stars on the show “Family Reunion,” said that she often gets asked about balancing kids with work.

It’s something she doesn’t think dads get questioned about. She told People:

“I don’t feel like men get asked that question about how do you balance life. I feel like society just puts these standards on women that we have to do everything. We have to cook, we have to clean, we have to be a mom.”

She added that her husband of over a decade, Cory Hardrict, takes his role as a father seriously. Mowry said:

“He’s washing dishes. He’s giving my daughter and my children a bath and I’m also taking out the trash.”

However, she thinks that the way it should be. The actress told People:

“When Cory watches my kids, I’m not like ‘He’s babysitting. He’s just taking care of his children, doing his job as a parent.”

Earlier this month, Mowry opened up about her family and how she chooses to discipline her children, 8-year-old Cree Taylor, and 14-month-old Cairo Tiahna.

The actress said that she doesn’t spank her children even though her own parents chose to spank her. She explained:

“Not that I’m afraid of my mom, but I don’t want my children being afraid of me. I want them to be able to come to me and tell me anything. “

Though parenting can be a long and challenging road, it seems clear she has a loving husband by her side.

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One Reply to “Tia Mowry Says Her Husband Doesn’t Babysit Their Kids, He’s ‘Doing His Job as a Parent’”

  • Amika 1 year ago

    How do you babysit children that are your own? It’s not babysitting its doing what you are supposed to do. Take care of your children

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