On March 13, Mikayla Davis, her three-year-old son Cameron, and her sister Jenna Davis, were driving on York Avenue in Avoca, Pennsylvania.

Mikayla explained to WNEP that she was driving over a set of train tracks when the gate in front of the car trapped them first before the gate behind them fell shortly there after.

This made it impossible for Mikayla to get her car completely off the tracks.


Jenna explained to WNEP:

“She [Mikayla] reversed, the back gate was already down, so we bumped it a little bit and I said we need to get out right now.”

At that moment, Mikayla and Jenna started moving as quickly as possible, swinging their doors open before trying to get Cameron out of his carseat.

According to WNEP, Mikayla tripped and fell when she was getting out of the car, leaving her without enough time to get her son out of his carseat before the train hit the front end of the vehicle.

Mikayla told WNEP:

“I blacked out, you really do black out. All I remember is trying to get him out and when the train took the car, I blacked out, I blacked out completely, I’m thinking my son is dead.”

She continued:

“I was afraid to look because I thought the car was going to be on fire or something and my three-year-old is in there.”

And that’s when Jenna heard Cameron start to cry:

“My sister said ‘he’s crying, go get him,’ and I saw him alive, was just so happy, I was so happy.”

Now Mikayla is calling the accident and her son’s survival a “miracle.”


According to the first responders, Cameron’s ability to walk away from the accident without so much as a scratch was all thanks for him being in a carseat. Mikayla is so thankful for that:

“I can’t stop hugging and kissing him. Like all day I just kept hugging and kissing him, he really is my world.”

An investigation into what caused the accident is ongoing.

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