In 2014, New England Patriots offensive tackle Nate Solder was diagnosed with — and beat — testicular cancer before welcoming his first child, a son, in 2015.

Three months after his son Hudson was born, Nate and his wife received the devastating news that Hudson also had cancer.

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Nate admitted that when his son was initially diagnosed with the rare kidney cancer, he believed he was to blame for his son’s health battle:

“I just felt like I had done something wrong like I caused it, I felt like I had let him down and he was innocent.”

But just like his father, Hudson was a fighter and after 54 weeks of chemotherapy, Nate, Lexi, and Hudson received the news that the toddler’s tumor had shrunk.

With the scariest moments seemingly behind them, the Solders went on living their lives. Nate won another Super Bowl, and the family welcomed their fourth member, a little girl named Charlie.

It wasn’t until three months ago that doctors told the Solders that Hudson’s tumors had started growing again:

“For kids, it’s all physical for him, it’s not emotional. We take on the emotional burden I think, but he just rolls with it.”

As of now, the family is holding on to the hope he’ll beat it again. But much of the future remains uncertain for the Solders. As Lexi told the ” Weekend Today Show,” Hudson’s case is rare, and it could be something that he overcomes in a year, or it could be something that he has to battle for the rest of his life.

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And while it’s often hard for Solder to keep Hudson’s battle separate from his work life as a professional football player, he’s keeping all they have to be grateful for in the front of his mind as he gets ready for his third Super Bowl. As he told the “Weekend Today Show’s” Dylan Dreyer:

“There are so many good things going on, we’re so happy, why not just play my best ball, win another game, and have some fun doing it.”

Lexi, Hudson, and Charlie were all able to make the trip to Minnesota to watch Nate play against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII.

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