A Louisiana daycare center is under investigation after a baby boy left in their care ended up dead.

According to The Advocate, the 3-month-old child was at the Ascension Parish daycare center on Monday when workers noticed that he had a cold.

The daycare’s owner, Camey Raven, said that she decided to keep the boy in her care despite his illness, and put him down for a nap. She told The Advocate:

“It was his sixth day here.”

Raven said she checked on the boy during his nap and found him peacefully sleeping. But when she sent her daughter to check on him a second time, she said he had gone pale, WSAV reported.

Her daughter, Savannah Ledet, told WAFB that she then administered CPR as her mother called 911. She said:

“I was giving him chest compression and mouth to mouth. He was grasping for air.”

The 3-month old was still alive when paramedics arrived. He was taken to Baton Rouge General, where his mother was able to see him alive.

But sadly, the baby’s heart soon gave out.

Raven said that she was heartbroken for the mother’s loss and that she thought of the children at her daycare as her own.

But documents obtained by WAFB reveal that Raven did not have a license to run her daycare, and had actually been sent a “cease and desist” letter by the Louisiana Department of Education.

A spokesperson for the Department, Sydni Dunn, told The Advocate:

“Louisiana policy states any facility that provides care to seven or more children on a regular basis for at least 12.5 hours a week must hold a child-care center license.”

During several surprise check-ins earlier this year, Raven was found to have at least 16 children in her care, WAFB reported But she said she “doesn’t need” a license.

In fact, she said being unlicensed allows her to go around state laws, including the one that would have required her to send that sick 3-month-old home. She told WAFB:

“If a child comes in with a runny nose in the morning and they went to a normal license facility, the state would require them to send that child home… I’m not going to cost a parent a day of work because their child has a runny nose.”

Raven has been caring for children for over 20 years. It is unclear if she will face consequences for the baby’s death. Watch WAFB’s coverage below:

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