Three Ohio mothers, who work together at a senior care center, went out for lunch Tuesday at a restaurant they didn’t usually frequent.

Now they’re thankful that they made the choice, because it likely saved a little boy’s life, WAFB reports.

The women pulled up to Fitzy’s Diner in Columbus and parked next a daycare bus that had “darkened tinted windows.”

When they got out, they noticed movement from one of the seats of the otherwise empty bus.

The moms quickly realized it was a child in distress, still strapped into his seat. Taylor Stanley said:

“When I looked onto the bus, I just saw like the shadows of him.” 

The women managed to get onto the bus and rescue the boy, whose age has not been released. 

Tirzah Wise told WAFB:

“I went to pick him up, and he was soaked. He was drenched and so hot. He could barely talk.”

The boy told that women that he was unable to get his seatbelt off, trapping him inside the hot bus.

The daycare workers had taken the children to nearby Carriage Place movie theater and left the boy behind, according to 10TV.

The moms feel that their instincts helped lead to the boy’s rescue. Wise said:

“We’re caregivers, it’s almost like a Spidey sense, almost. It never turns off.”

The boy was medically cleared and returned to his mother at the scene. 

Two of the daycare workers have been charged with child endangerment and neglect.

Stanley, who often takes nursing home residents on outings, said that the workers should have double-checked that they had all the children:

“We go through the same procedure, you do your counts, you always double check, always make sure no one’s left on the bus.”

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