Country singer Thomas Rhett’s family just got a little bit bigger.

He and his wife, Lauren Akins, had been tirelessly traveling to and from Uganda in hopes of adopting 21-month-old Willa Gray.

For a while, Akins felt discouraged by the back and forth, with the chance of her adopting a baby girl dwindling by the day. She explained to People magazine:

“I didn’t think she would ever come home. It was so exhausting, so defeating. Emotionally, it would wreck me sometimes.”

Though hope was not lost. Earlier this May, the happy couple was able to bring Willa Gray into their Tennessee home, and this time, it was to stay.

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Akins revealed that she was pregnant while struggling through adoption woes and sick for the first 20 weeks of it. Her weeks-old daughter, Ada, was born on Aug 12.

And Akins didn’t expect Thomas Rhett to be involved in the birth — but much to her surprise, for the first 28 hours of the 36-hour labor, there he was:

“It shocked me how involved he was with Ada because ever since I’ve known him in middle school, he has been the most dramatic, can’t-deal-with-anything-too-intense person.”

Apparently, the “Unforgettable” singer has a hard time dealing with less-than-desirable situations:

“He’s squeamish and he will tap out at the drop of a hat, but through those first 28 hours, he did not leave my side.”

Thomas Rhett agreed, explaining his easily-nauseated behavior to People:

 “If there is a drug to be taken to not make pain happen, I’m on it.”

The same can’t be said for Akins, who opted for a natural birth free of epidurals, to Thomas Rhett’s shock:

“I’m like, ‘You really don’t want drugs right now? If I were you, I would have taken drugs right when I got here.”

And his aversion to the “gross” almost stopped him from watching the birth of his own child. He added:

“I promised myself I wasn’t going to watch. And then I got a little glimpse from this mirror that was set up and I was like, ‘Well, I’m invested now.’”

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He doesn’t regret a moment of it, calling the birth of his second daughter “the most miraculous thing I’ve ever seen.”

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