After being acquitted of Nicole Brown Simpson’s murder, ex-husband and former professional football player O.J. Simpson wrote a book detailing how he would have committed the double homicide, called “If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer.”

It was later renamed “I Did It: Confessional of the Killer” before its release in 2007.

Prior to the book being released, in 2006, O.J. sat down with a journalist to talk about it. The tapes from that interview were thought to be lost for over a decade, but Fox aired the recovered interview on national television last night.


Some people believe the interview held the “lost confession,” according to CBS Sports.

In the interview, the journalist talks about chapter six of the book, “The Night in Question,” where O.J. describes what could have happened the night of the murders. After he calls the chapter “purely hypothetical,” the journalist asks him to tell her what might have happened that night.

He responded:

“Well first of all, this is very difficult for me to do this, very difficult for me because its hypothetical. I know and accept that fact that people are going to feel whatever way they are going to feel.

In the book, the hypothetical is, Charlie came by and mentioned something about what was going on at her house. This guy Charlie shows up, a guy who I had recently become friends with, and I don’t know why he had recently been by Nicole’s house, but he told me, ‘You wouldn’t believe what’s going on over there.’ I remember thinking whatever is going on over there, it’s got to stop.”

O.J. continues by saying that — hypothetically — he and Charlie got in the Bronco together to go over to Nicole’s house to stop whatever was going on at her house. Once they arrived, they parked the Bronco in one of the alleys and put on wool hats and gloves. O.J. had a knife under one of the seats; he said he always kept one under there.

He went on:

“I remember Charlie saying, ‘You ain’t bringing [the knife],’ and I didn’t. But I believe he took it, in the book.”

While at Nicole’s house, O.J. said a guy, Ron Goldman, who was also killed on that evening, showed up. O.J. told the journalist that he didn’t really recognize who Ron was when he showed up at the house.

O.J. started an argument with Ron because “of the mood he was in,” causing Nicole to come out of her house and getting involved in the argument as well.

When Nicole hypothetically told O.J., “This is my house, get the f**k out,” he didn’t like it. At the same time, Charlie followed Ron into the house with the knife to make sure Ron “was no problem.” O.J. said:

“When things got heated, I just remember that Nicole fell and hurt herself and this guy kind of got into a karate thing. I said, ‘Well do you think you can kick my a**?’ I remember I grabbed the knife. I do remember that portion, taking the knife from Charlie and to be honest after that I don’t remember, except I’m standing there and there is all kinds of stuff around, blood and stuff around.”

From there, O.J. said he blacked out.

At that point in the interview, O.J. began laughing and said it’s hard for him because it’s all “hypothetical” and he doesn’t want to make people think he is actually a killer.

O.J. then continued:

“I don’t think any two people could have been murdered the way they were without everybody being covered in blood and of course I think we’ve all seen the grizzly pictures after, so yeah I think everything would have been covered in blood.”

According to CBS Sports, the interview did not air in 2006 because Fox received backlash from the public regarding its content.

What did you think about the “hypothetical” confession?

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