Note: This article contains graphic content.

Jessica Collins walked outside to grab her phone charger out of her car, when suddenly her mother’s life-saving words were ringing in her head.

Collins was standing in front of her car when she was punched in the nose by a man, but she was able to save herself from the beating, thanks to something she learned as a child from her mother, according to KPRC 2.


Collins explained:

“I was filled with fear, but my first thought was punch him so I can run to my apartment.”

The Texas mother of six didn’t just use her fist, she was also using something her mom taught her about for protection—a common item that might just have saved her life.

Collins described the weapon placed between her knuckles on Facebook:

Thankfully I had my keys in a defense position because I gave him a right hook and ended up getting him in the neck then he ran one way (holding his neck) and I ran the other way into my apt building and got inside my apt then called the police.


The 27-year-old Amarillo resident wants other women to keep their keys ready for protection at all times:

Ladies if ur going somewhere alone always always carry your keys with one between two knuckles .. it’s so important to remember your safety. Especially when everything happens so fast.

Collins shared the bloody photos from her attack of her face, along with a warning:

Posted by Jessica Collins on Friday, June 30, 2017

A report has been made but still. Please be careful out there. He’s is still out there somewhere and I know there are probably others like this.

She is hoping that her message will help other women to be prepared to defend themselves if a threat comes their way, even if the only thing they have with them is a set of keys:

I am just trying to raise awareness so many women and girls these days don’t pay attention or think until it’s too late. Feel free to share to save a life.


Police were able to find DNA from the man who attacked Collins after she filed a report. The suspect remains on the loose.

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