The first photos from the set of the revival of “Roseanne” include a face that fans will be happy to see.

As Us Weekly reports, the beloved ’90s family sitcom will be returning to ABC as an eight-episode, mid-season revival. Production just began and photos of the first table read from the set give a glimpse of the characters we can expect to see returning with the show.

Those present include Roseanne Barr (as Roseanne Conner), Sara Gilbert (playing daughter Darlene Conner), Laurie Metcalf (as Roseanne’s sister, Jackie), Michael Fishman (as son D.J. Conner), and Lecy Goranson (the original actress who played daughter Becky Conner). But it’s the presence of John Goodman (as Dan Conner) that might have fans wondering if they’re seeing a ghost.

In the series finale of “Roseanne,” it was revealed that Dan had died of a heart attack and that many of the events of the final season (like the family winning the lottery) were part of an imaginary world Roseanne created to cope with his death.

Time magazine listed the final episode of “Roseanne” as one of the 10 most controversial series finales of all time, calling it “loopy,” and saying it “ripped the rug out from viewers.” And the death of Dan was the worst part of it all:

Killing off John Goodman’s loyal teddy bear of a spouse was adding injury to insult. Some critics saw in the finale an allegory for Roseanne’s show business career; by becoming rich and famous, she’d turned into an unbearable diva who’d forgotten the little people — not just the ones she’d created, but the ones who watched every week to see a woman know knew what their own lives were really like.

But it appears that the producers of the “Roseanne” revival got the message about how much people disliked the ending. When the show comes back, Dan Conner will be alive and well. According to E! News, ABC President Channing Dungey told media during a summer press tour:

“I’m not going to talk too specifically about the season. I wouldn’t say that it’s ignoring the events of the finale, but I can say that Dan is definitely alive.”

That still leaves questions about whether Johnny Galecki will return in his role as Darlene’s husband, David. According to the network, conversations are “ongoing” regarding Galecki’s involvement. But a photo of the actor playing their young son, Mark, was shared on the show’s Twitter account.

Dungey went on to promise that the show would remain topical and true to its roots, covering big issues without necessarily touching on the president or White House. He added:

“It is very much tonally similar to the original show. It is unflinching, it is honest, it is irreverent at times, and it’s also really, really funny.”

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