Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is all about his three daughters.

Most recently, the proud father shared a photo of himself and his middle child, Jasmine, in the pool.

According to Johnson, Jasmine is learning how to swim and it’s a joy for him as a father to see his children grow and learn new things as they continue to get older.


The dad wrote:

Truuuuust. I always got you.

Love seeing her work herself up to break thru and conquer her fears as she’s learning how to swim. Man I cherish these blessings and any day off I can get these days to spend with all my ladies at home.

I also cherish the moments when she says “daddy I have to pee” and we both share an evil laugh when I say just pee in the pool…Then I get in trouble with [wife, Lauren]. All in a day’s work

However, as a result of the backlash he received because Jasmine wasn’t wearing a bathing suit, the actor has since deleted the post despite his fans coming to his defense.

Underneath the now deleted photo, fans praised The Rock for how loving of a dad he is:

The way you look at her, unconditional love

Aaaah what a lovely moment between father an daughter fabulous

And others came in his defense when some shamed him for posting a photo of his daughter without clothes on.

One wrote:

People are SHOOK over the child having no clothes on. Thats HIS daughter, in THEIR pool at THEIR home on a lovely day… seriously… the only people sexualising this are the people commenting.

As Johnson explained a few months ago, as a very in-demand celebrity, his schedule can get pretty busy, meaning more nights on the road and fewer nights at home.

However, as the actor has shown on Instagram, he always takes time for his girls when he can, Dearly reported:

Me: Come here baby, give daddy a kiss I gotta go to work.
Jazzy: But daddy you need your nails painted.
Me: Sorry baby, daddy’s gotta go to work
Jazzy: No daddy you really need your nails painted – as she looks up at me with her mama’s gorgeous blue eyes.
Me: Yes, you’re absolutely right – daddy needs his nails painted.
#PapaBearPriorities #NoRemoverNeeded

People also commended Johnson and Lauren for teaching their daughter to swim early on.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated after publication to clarify the missing Instagram photo.

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