The hosts of “The Real” sparked a debate about what parents should expect from a babysitter in the comment section of one of their posts this week.

Hosts Adrienne Bailon, Tamara Mowry-Housely, Loni Love, and Jeannie Mai weighed in on what they believe being a babysitter entails.

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Bailon led the conversation in the video by sharing her sister’s opinion on the topic. She said:

“My sister is super strict about this, as well. Anyone that cares for children…She doesn’t want them on the ‘gram because she doesn’t want you just making sure my kids are okay. She actually wants you to be interactive with your children.

Some people think babysitting means hand the kid an iPad and I sit here and just make sure the kid doesn’t die. But, I would want somebody taking care of my children to play with them, read to them, take them to a park, have conversations…”

Bailon’s co-hosts were in agreement with her, saying that they felt the same way. For example, Love emphasized that babysitting is a “job,” meaning you shouldn’t be on your phone the entire time.

Furthermore, Mowry-Housely said that after hearing how technology is negatively affecting children, she also tries to stay off of her phone when she’s around her kids.

However, some of the daytime show’s viewers had a different opinion.

For example, one user commented:

Yall want a NANNY not a BABYSITTER. There is a HUGE difference. Yes babysitting is a job. But it’s typically done by late teens to early 20s yrs who need extra money. If you looking for full time assistance that’s a nanny and yes those strict standards should apply

That post gained 289 likes and a few replies from others in agreement.

A woman replied:

thank you!!! I’m a nanny! And I was cringing at Adrienne referring to us a babysitters! I love them but they need to know the right terms lol

Another nanny also chimed in, adding:

THANK YOU!!! I just came to the comments to see if anyone made this point. A babysitter is someone you pay to come sit at your house with the kids while you go out. A nanny is someone who actively interacts with your kids and helps with learning and growth and behavior. As a nanny of 7 years, there is a HUGE difference.

A report by Rasmussen College supports the comments made by the above nannies. The college states that a babysitters job is just to watch over the children for a short amount of time. However, a nanny’s job is a bit more hands on.

According to Rasmussen College, Helen Adeosun, veteran nanny and founder of CareAcademy, said:

“They’re responsible for the emotional, physical and intellectual growth of the child.”

Other viewers of  “The Real” argued that there was no difference between a babysitter using their phone while with children, and a parent doing it. What do you think?

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