For Easter this year, the Duggar family celebrated like they normally do: all together and with a huge meal.

And in the days following the celebration, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar took to Instagram to share some of what happened behind the scenes.

The most recent photo shared showed two of the younger Duggar siblings, 13-year-old Johannah and 10-year-old Jordyn, helping put together some of the appetizers.

However, what took some of their fans by surprise is what they referred to the popular before-dinner snack as.

As you can see in the photo, Johannah and Jordyn were making the snack, commonly referred to as “deviled eggs.”

Nonetheless, given the Duggar family’s religious lifestyle, the family aptly renamed the food “Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs.”

According to their Instagram:

They’re one of our favorites!

Some of their followers were taken aback by the new name:

I love and appreciate the duggars…but cmon. Yellow pocket angel eggs? Smh

This is why people think Christians are ridiculous. It’s a name. Calling it as such (or reading Harry Potter) isn’t going to bring satan upon you.

Why does your family call them that? My family calls them deviled eggs

According to Merriam-Webster, “deviled” — in this instance — doesn’t mean “Satan”; it actually means “to season highly.”

And a follower even took to the comments to explain that:

You know “deviled” is the technique and has nothing to do with “the Devil”, right? They’re homonym.

However, others admitted that their families used to call them something different, too:

My mom always called them doubled eggs instead of deviled

“Angel eggs” and “chicken chests” those terms take me back to the fundie days! Lol. I just think it’s funny because people always look at you funny when you use those terms instead of the popular ones!

In the Netherlands we call them gevulde eieren (filled eggs)

We call them angel eggs too so feel free to overreact and tell me how wrong I am Geez…..while you unload I’ll be sipping on some cream soda and catching some sunshine.

What does your family call the eggs?

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2 Replies to “The Duggar Family Prefers Not to Say ‘Deviled Eggs’ but Chooses to Call Them ‘Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs’”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    My family calls the “Satan snacks”.

  • M ar 2 years ago

    My dad used to scold my brothers for watching horror pictures saying don’t invite darkness into my home. We were kids in the 70’s. So what? What’s with these People bashing someone for having traditions!

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