The fourth season of TLC’s “I Am Jazz” ended on a high note after the 17-year-old received a phone call she wasn’t expecting.

Jazz was on her way to pick up her “healthy” birthday cake for her seventeenth birthday celebration when she received a phone call from her surgeon, Dr. Marci Bowers.

Jazz Jennings/Instagram

She said she had a bad feeling about the phone call at first.

Jazz has been working toward getting her gender reassignment surgery scheduled for quite some time. However, she has hit a few roadblocks along the way— the biggest being her recent weight gain.

Dr. Bowers told Jazz she would have to lose 30 pounds before she would be allowed to schedule the surgery.

Bowers called Jazz on her birthday to see how her weight loss had been progressing. Jazz told her doctor that she was down a total of 12 pounds so far.


And that’s when the 17-year-old received the news she wasn’t expecting to receive. Dr. Bowers said over the phone:

“That’s really encouraging, because I’ve got about eight different ways where I would not do the surgery, so you have to thread the needle here. But I got an email from Dr. Volker [Jazz’s therapist who specializes in sex and gender issues], and apparently, that’s going well, also. So I think I’m encouraged enough that we should probably put a date on the calendar!”

Jazz seemed happy to hear that her surgery was set for June 20.

She said:

“Yay! That’s awesome, so exciting. I thought you were going to say, ‘I can’t do the surgery for you.’ […] That sounds absolutely perfect,” says Jazz. “I really wasn’t expecting it to be in June, but now that you said June, that makes me super happy.”

Jazz’s mom, Jeanette, who was also in the car during the phone call, was happy for her daughter as well.

Jazz Jennings/Instagram

However, despite the good news, Dr. Bowers warned Jazz at the end of their phone call that even though they have the surgery scheduled, she would not perform it if Jazz is unable to lose the 30 pounds by the time her surgery date rolls around. Jazz said of the news:

“It’s really up to me to prove that I am serious about this. I’m going to make progress because I would just be absolutely devastated if Dr. Bowers said that she needs to reschedule the surgery for a later date because I haven’t reached by target goal weight.”

Jazz called setting the date “one of the best presents I could ask for.”

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