Prisma Reyes

Prisma Reyes spoke to her babysitter and confirmed that she would pick up her son after work. Then she never showed up.

As ABC News reports, the 26-year-old mom from Mesquite, Texas, is a new U.S. citizen and member of the National Guard. On Wednesday, Reyes was on her lunch break at her job in Dallas when she called her son’s babysitter.

“She talking to me [around] 3 or 4 p.m. She was OK,” the sitter told Fox 4. “We were talking about her job.”

During the conversation, Reyes confirmed that she would pick up her son after work at the usual time, around 7:40 p.m. The sitter said there was nothing odd or unusual about the mom’s demeanor while they were on the phone.

At about 5:50 p.m., Reyes was caught on a surveillance video outside a Dallas apartment complex. In the video, she can be seen talking on the phone. Since the video was taken, Reyes has disappeared.

When the mom hadn’t arrived to pick her son up from the babysitter by 9:30, the sitter called 911 to report her missing. Reyes has not responded to texts or phone calls. Mesquite police told Fox 4:

“I think our main concern, especially with a mother, is that they would not pick their child up. That’s our main concern.”

The next day, Reyes’ Jeep was found abandoned near the apartment complex where she was seen last.

Authorities are now asking for the public’s help in locating the missing mom. Her family insists that she would never leave her child behind or abandon her car. Her brother, Rudy Peralta, told WFAA that he spoke to her a week before her disappearance and nothing seemed amiss.

“She loves her baby, her kid was her world,” Peralta said, adding that his sister wouldn’t fail to pick up her son.

“I just knew that wasn’t her,” he said.

With only the video to guide them, Reyes’ family has analyzed it, hoping for clues. Her stepfather, Dan Fuchs, told WFAA that he thinks Reyes was emotional or in distress at the time:

“The way she was floundering her arm, her lanyard, her keys. It’s just a trait that she has.”

Reyes’ family is distraught and praying she’ll be found. Her son is currently in the care of his grandmother but keeps asking for his mom.

Peralta told WFAA they are desperate to know where his sister is:

“I saw that video and it makes me break down. Knowing that’s the last thing I could see from her.”

Police have managed to identify and interview the person Reyes was speaking to on the phone.

Reyes was last seen wearing a red polo shirt and light-colored jeans. Anyone with information about her disappearance is asked to call the Mesquite Police Department at 972-285-6336.

Her family is not giving up hope.

“I’m a bit distraught, my mind is going in different directions. I’m hoping she’s found safe,” Fuchs told WFAA. “Not just for her sake, but for her son’s and her family.”

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