Once Bobby Cowan saw what was under his old hunting shed, he lowered it back down in a big hurry.

As the San Antonio Express-News reports, Cowan and two friends had gone to Cowan’s property in Gorman, Texas, to do some work on a windmill.

While the men were working, they noticed a rattlesnake slither under Cowan’s old hunting shed and decided to follow it. They used a skid loader to lift up the edge of the building and peer underneath … then quickly lowered the shed again.

Under the shed was not one, but dozens of rattlesnakes.

Welp… look what Bobby just found at our place in Gorman!!!!!!!!! #jesusforrealtakethewheel #nope Levi Kirkland Matt Stanley

Posted by Bobby-Jessica Cowan on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Cowan told the Express-News:

“We were definitely — what’s the right word — freaked out, maybe. Very, very surprised. As soon as we lifted up the building, we slammed it right back down because there were so many of them.”

The color of the snakes and the rattling sounds coming from the shed made it clear that they were venomous. After regrouping, the men decided to lift the shed again so they could capture some video and decide what to do next.

Cowan told the Express-News that when they took another look, they could tell that the rattlers were moving slowly because of the cold — though the men still kept a respectful distance:

“We knew we weren’t in that much danger if we didn’t get too close, and so then we were able to look at them.”

Cowan shared the video on Facebook, where it quickly amassed thousands of shares and likes. Though most of the commenters were just as freaked out as Cowan and his friends.

Eventually, the men decided to relocate the snakes to a different part of the property “quite a ways” distant and far from any livestock. Cowan told the Express-News that they grabbed the snakes by the back of the head and used long sticks and garbage cans to move them.

It’s a difficult task to count rattlesnakes while safely moving them. Cowan says that they counted 36 rattlers, but there might have been as many as 50.

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8 Replies to “Texas Man Lifts Shed to Chase Down Rattlesnake — And Drops It When He Sees How Many Friends It Has”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I don’t know what i would do because they terrify me!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    A day in the life of President Trump! MAGA!

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Good comment there — and not all of his rattlesnakes are hiding — many are in full view!

    • Boxerbash 2 years ago

      Yup! You’re right. Looks like the President meeting with Democrats!

  • Jack 2 years ago

    I would make sure my riot gun was with #5 shot and high brass 12 gauge (5 Rounds) and have some friends loaded the same way and I would have me a rattlesnake killing !!!

  • Bonbon 2 years ago

    I’m with jack shoot them

  • Tom 2 years ago

    They do that when it’s cold, den up together.

    If you’d waited they’d disperse by themselves, eventually, once it got warm.

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