Family is everything. They get you through the best and worst times of our lives. And like professional tennis player Nicolas Mahut and his young son exhibited at the French Open, a good relationship between a father and his son can pretty much cure anything.

As FTW reports, during the third round of the Open, Mahut faced Leonardo Mayer and lost.

The feeling of defeat left Mahut in tears and from across the court, his young son could tell his dad was in pain. Then the cameras, focusing on Mahut’s tears, caught one of the purest and emotional moments to come out of recent sporting events — Mahut’s 7-year-old son, Natanel, running across the court to give his dad a hug.

Watch the incredibly sweet moment unfold below:

International sports correspondent, Tancredi Palmeri, wrote:

You maybe already saw this. Tennis player Mahut losing at Roland Garros in front of his family, breaks down in tears. His kid runs on court to hug him. His opponent Mayer getting emotional. Father and son walk away hand in hand. Losing, winning, living.

The moment was so touching, in fact, that even Mahut’s opponent, Mayer, began to well-up.

Fans were also struck by both the emotional moment and the sportsmanship exhibited by Mayer:

Beautiful. That embrace says he won at fatherhood.

This is what kids can do with their unconditional, unrestrained love. Pick us up and remind we are loved even when we fall short. #realwinning

Nothing better. Nothing

Real men. Real class. Real heart.

He may have lost the match but he’s won in life, His son doesn’t see a loser but sees a man he looks up to no matter the outcome

What a beautiful moment that the father and son pair will get to remember forever.

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