In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Chrissy Teigen is talking about raising her two children and how she struggles with making sure they don’t get too much screen time.

Teigen says when it comes to the two children she shares with her husband, singer John Legend, there is a time and a place for 3-year-old Luna and 1-year-old Miles to play on iPads or cell phones.

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Luna puts her shoes on him.

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The model told the magazine that she does her best to keep Luna and Miles occupied with things they love that don’t involve technology:

“You have to keep them involved in things they love and be a master at distraction. Luna will beg to use my phone, like beg, in bed because there’s an app she loves.”

However, Teigen also admitted that there are times, especially when she’s out in public with her family that she feels like there isn’t any other choice but to allow her kids to have screen time.

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Rascals, in descending order of rascality

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She says it’s more of a benefit to the people around them:

“There are certain situations, like when you’re on a plane or in a restaurant, where goddammit, it’s going to help those surrounding us. We are not those people that are like no screen time! So, you try to download all the coolest learning activities so at least they’re learning something.”

Teigen continued to tell Harper’s Bazaar:

“It affects kids’ sleep schedules too. Even if they just watch TV during the day, when they go to sleep they think back on it. Luna loves scary stuff and watching Hocus Pocus, and now she’s really into the old Mary-Kate and Ashley movies. There’s a scary Halloween one, and even if she watches it during the day, she’ll be scared at night. And the thing is, kids are only crazy about something for a minute. So if you can get through a minute of that screaming and begging while you think of something else like an art project, a book or stickers, they forget they even wanted it in the first place. You have to get super amped about something else and they will match that excitement, and that’s how you deal with it.”

And the mom of two admitted that playing with her kids has also helped her put down the phone herself and be present in those particular moments.

She explained, “It’s important to find that balance. My kids now take away a lot of my time, so I’m able to give myself that break. But there are times where I cannot put my phone down. We don’t get a break from news these days, but putting my phone down, going out and playing with my kids, and just trying to forget about things for a moment is really important.”

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