A Georgia mom is facing charges this week after she decided to step in when her daughter got into a fight with another teen from her high school.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it started on Wednesday when Nijah Underwood’s 15-year-old daughter got into a heated argument with the other girl at their bus stop.

The other student got on the bus, but Underwood’s daughter returned home to get some unexpected backup — her own mom.


The 15-year-old then came back with her mom and boarded the bus, before finding the other student again and swinging a punch, WSB-TV reports.

The bus driver tried to prevent the 35-year-old from getting aboard but she got past him and went to assist her daughter in the fight. And once she made it onto the bus — she didn’t hold back.

Central Gwinnett High student Jaleel Kyon caught the entire fight on his cell phone camera. He told WSBTV:

“It was pretty bad. They were jumping over seats and everything.”

Police were called to come and break up the fight between the teens and mom, the ACJ reports.

Kyon’s mother called the incident “ridiculous” and said the mother should have found another way to handle her daughter’s fighting. Karena Silas told WSB-TV:

“It doesn’t make any sense. First of all, there shouldn’t be a parent coming on the bus fighting a child. She should have handled that in a totally different manner than she did today.”

Gwinnett County Police

On Wednesday, Underwood was arrested and charged with battery and school disruption, but she posted bail the following day, New York Post reports.

But the teens didn’t get off scot-free. They were both charged with battery for the altercation.

Central Gwinnett High School principal Shane Orr called the fight “unacceptable” and said the school is working to take “appropriate action,” AJC reports.

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