A New Jersey mom is singing praises about a group of “complete strangers” who helped make her 5-year-old son’s birthday extra special.

Kristen Braconi wrote on Facebook that she took her boy to the park on March 26 so that he could ride his scooter.

That’s when she says a group of teens went out of their way to make her son’s day. She wrote:

Today is my son’s 5th birthday and he has high functioning autism and ADHD and you would never know by looking at him that anything was going on. You also wouldn’t know that the woman with us was his behavioral therapist. We went to the park behind the police station and he was in the skate park on his scooter and some older kids showed up.

Posted by Kristen Braconi on Saturday, March 30, 2019

Braconi said the older children decided to teach her 5-year-old how to skateboard and even sang to him for his big day.

Their kindness was enough to move the mom to tears, she said:

They were absolutely amazing with him and included him and were so beyond kind it brought me to tears. I caught a video of them singing to my son and one of the kids gave him a mini skateboard and taught him how to use it.

Braconi later shared videos of the teens and her son to a local Facebook group to praise them.

The mother said she was amazed by the teens’ unexpected kindness. Braconi wrote in the post:

I can’t even begin to thank these kids for being so kind and showing him how wonderful people can be to complete strangers. I bought them all ice cream to say thank you but it wasn’t enough! Thank you to whoever these children are and thank you to their parents because you are doing a wonderful job!!!

Braconi’s post quickly picked up steam on social media, and many Facebook users applauded the older children for their actions. One commenter wrote:

There are good people in this world. We always need to remember that.

Though the teens were showing the 5-year-old kindness, it seems they managed to brighten many others’ days as well.

Police Honor Teenage "Superheroes" Who Gave 5-Year-Old Boy With Autism a Surprise Birthday Celebration

They even surprised him with a new skateboard as a birthday present.

Posted by Dearly Presents on Monday, April 8, 2019

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