Bailee was visiting a friend’s house when her friend’s phone was taken away as a punishment. Minutes later, her friend’s dad slid a note under the bedroom door.

He joked in traditional dad-joke style:

“Why aren’t you answering me?

Oh wait…”

Bailee told Dearly that even though her friend was in trouble, they both started laughing right away. The two friends posted a photo of the drawing on Twitter.

Immediately, people started joining in on the joke:

Some people critiqued the drawing as not accurate:

The tweet gained major traction over Independence Day weekend. At press time, it had 8,100 retweets and 15,000 likes. It even made it to the front page on Reddit on July 4.

Bailee told Dearly that the dad was told that his tweet went viral. But her friend still doesn’t have her phone back.

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