Vaccinations have become a controversial topic with diseases like measles on the rise amid the anti-vaxx movement.

However, one Pennsylvania 17-year-old made it clear she was happy that her mother didn’t take part in the growing trend — and even presented her with a cake for it.

Alyssa Johnson told BuzzFeed News that she had just picked up her vaccination records so that she could switch schools when she came up with the idea.

She and her sister went to Dairy Queen for lunch and decided to buy their mom something special.

They wanted to record the moment to post on the fast-growing social media network TikTok. Johnson said:

“After eating we were gonna get ice cream but decided it wold be funny to make a TikTok of us getting that cake.”

They bought an ice cream cake and wrote out the words, “Thx 4 vaccinating us, Mom.”

Alyssa Johnson/TikTok

Needless to say, their mother was surprised by the frozen treat. The teen said:

“When we walked in my mom was confused because she was working and we just came home with a cake.

She knows when my sister and I are together we like to be funny and do ridiculous things so the first thing she said was ‘You can’t smash that in my face.'”

Johnson said her mom got a laugh out of their surprise cake.

Alyssa Johnson/TikTok

She clarified that she wanted to get the cake because of what she’d seen in the news recently. Johnson told BuzzFeed News:

“I am happy that I’m vaccinated, because I have seen that some old-time diseases are coming back. I’m glad my mom hasn’t contributed to that.”

How would you react to a cake like this? Let us know in the comments.

Watch the video below:

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