An Oklahoma 15-year-old said she was excited to see “Avengers: Endgame” on the day it premiered, but didn’t get the chance after she was asked to leave the theater.

Emily Womack, who has Tourette Syndrome, said in a Facebook video that she’s a massive Marvel fan.

She went to an AMC theater in Dray to see “Avengers: Endgame” on opening night and did what she could to “get out” her tics before the film started.

Emily explained in the video that it makes it easier to “suppress” her tics during a long movie. She said only advertisements were playing when she was making sounds.

That’s when the theater manager approached the family and explained that others in the theater had complained. Emily’s mother, Tina, told People:

“He told me that nine people complained about Emily making noises, and I explained to him that that’s not a problem, that she won’t be doing it during the movie. He said there were so many complaints that it would be best if we left, and that he can’t tell me to leave, but that’s what would be best.”

Emily said that her family was told the theater would have to give other guests free tickets if they didn’t leave, so they chose to head home.

The family was refunded and given passes for sweets and popcorn. The teen was also offered a free screening, which the family turned down.

Emily said she was left embarrassed by the whole situation. However, AMC denied that the family was “kicked out” in a statement. A spokesperson told People:

“In this case, the theater team attempted to resolve this situation without anyone having to leave the movie. A theater manager, in response to multiple noise complaints during the trailers before Avengers: Endgame, verified the disruptive noise and discussed the situation with the family, explaining that disruptions are not permitted during the movie…

Shortly after the movie started, the family chose to leave. Wanting to make sure everyone feels welcome at the theatre, the manager offered multiple passes, and coupons for popcorn and soda for a return visit. We’ve also reached out to the family to discuss other options for them to come back and see the movie.”

The teen said in her Facebook video for the Tourette Association of America, “I would like a chance in the future to live normally. Be a normal kid, go to the movies with my family.”

Watch the video below:

Emily EndGame

Emily’s #endgame was spoiled. Not because someone shared the ending of Avengers Endgame, but because she was asked to leave the theatre before it even began. Emily has #Tourette Syndrome, but it is not what defines her. Situations like these are happening far too often and can be avoided with a greater understanding of #TouretteSyndrome. We urge AMC Theatres, and other organizations, to take advantage of the free in-service trainings that the Tourette Association of America can provide. #dontspoiltheEndGame Marvel #AvengersEndGame #TouretteAwareness

Posted by Tourette Association of America on Monday, April 29, 2019

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