When Irish 18-year-old Milaois Murphy noticed her belly getting rounder, she just assumed that she was “getting chubby.”

And when she fell ill with vomiting and back pains, her mother, Victoria, guessed it was appendicitis, Milaois told “The Rotunda.

Little did the teen know, she was pregnant with a baby girl. She said:

“That night, I was vomiting and vomiting and I said, ‘Ma, I need to go to the hospital.’ We thought it was my appendix.Within seconds I felt pressure and my waters broke everywhere.”

They called an ambulance, but the baby was already on her way. Before it could arrive, Milaois gave birth on the kitchen floor, The Daily Mail reports.

The teen said:

“She was born on the kitchen floor. Me Ma knew straight away and told me to relax and called my sister and the baby literally slid out into my trousers.”

The baby girl was born at just 26 weeks and weighed just one pound and 11 ounces. She made one small cry before she stopped breathing.

Victoria immediately started CPR on the baby, who was taken to The Rotunda Hospital in Dublin. She had no heart rate when she arrived, Consultant Neonatalogist Adrienne Foran said.

Thankfully, the baby girl “responded well to initial resuscitation.”

The baby, named Harper, is now five months old and healthy. Though she “still looks like a newborn,” she is expected to be okay.

Milaois said that she genuinely never suspected that she was pregnant:

“The baby could have been kicking but I didn’t know because I never had a baby and I thought it could be wind or something… I was so numb with the shock it didn’t click with me until the next morning that I had a baby.”

The teen is now raising the child with her partner, Jack, and plans to return to school when her baby is stronger.

Watch the video below:

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