A New Mexico teen remains in police custody and must be mentally evaluated after he fired a gun at school on Valentine’s Day.

As KOAT 7 reports, security cameras inside of Cleveland High School captured Joshua Owen, 16,  approaching three students sometime around 7 a.m.

According to one of the three students, Owen pointed the gun at them, but it initially did not go off. However, the set back was short-lived, and Owen was eventually able to fire off one shot.

Although no one was hit by the bullet, panic erupted in the building.

A freshman at the school recalled:

“All the teachers are yelling, ‘Evacuate! You must get out of the building!’”

According to KOAT 7, at this point, Owen sat his gun down and ran out of the school.

One of the teen’s teacher’s spotted him taking off before she received a text message at 7:25 a.m.

As KOAT7 reports, Owen texted:

I’m sorry Miss Sawyer but the voices won’t stop.

Students were taken on buses to the Santa Ana Care Center following the shooting. Parents were also shaken up after they were notified.

Mark Mondragon, a parent of a student at Cleveland High, said:

“My foot was shaking on the gas as I was driving over. It’s a feeling you can’t describe.”

Officers found Owen about a mile away from the school and arrested him.

While in police custody, the teen revealed he had a disturbing note in his pocket. The note was actually a to-do list that read:

  1. Find ex gf

  2. Kill ex gf

  3. Kill other people

  4. If You have a last bullet take your own life

Owen told officers he’d been hearing voices in his head telling him to complete the actions listed on the note.

Further, he confessed to leaving an apology note at his home. He is facing multiple charges as he remains in custody at Bernalillo County Juvenile Detention Center.

As KOAT 7 reports, a 2018 police report reveals Owen has spoken about shooting up Cleveland High School before.

The mother of a teen girl Owen previously dated asked to remain anonymous but attested to his concerning behavior.

She said:

“A few days after she broke up with him he sent her text messages that the voices wouldn’t stop — that he wanted to get a gun and shoot up the school.”

The mother told KOAT 7 that her daughter reported the text messages to the school counselor.

The police report describes Owen as “distraught,” when he was taken to the school office.

He allegedly became so overwhelmed that he began grabbing his head and yelling:

“Stop it! Stop it! I don’t do that! Get out of my head!”

Following that incident, he was taken to the hospital at his mother’s request. The report also includes the text message Owen sent to his ex-girlfriend.

In part, it reads:

“Ever since my dad got a gun from his friend something tells me I should shoot up my school and I don’t want to but I keep fighting it.”

One year later, Owen now faces a list of charges including attempted murder.

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4 Replies to “Teen Texts Teacher Saying ‘the Voices Won’t Stop’ After Firing Gun off at School. A Note Detailed His Plan”

  • Jane Hall 2 years ago

    That boy obviously needs help. Why did the girl report just to the counselor? The police should have been informed then?

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    It was up to the Adult counselor to report The Teen girl is not to blame ,she told a trusted adult.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    This is a sad story. The boy needs help. Schizophrenia is a real problem. I hope he gets the needed help.

  • Melanie Cairns 2 years ago

    Yeah i agree its a terrible illness he needs help prayers for hjm and his family x

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