A teenager’s boss put him on the street corner holding a sign, but it wasn’t to drum up business for his company, Precision Construction & Investments, LLC.

As the Houston Chronicle reports, Brent Franklin sent 17-year-old Mark Anthony Doyle out with a sign to draw attention to himself. The sign read:

“I stole over 30K from my boss and lied about it. I’m happy to be here.”

Franklin made it even worse for Doyle by making him wear a big floppy hat, pink tank top, and Winnie the Pooh shorts.

Screenshot/ABC 13

Franklin had been mentoring the teen and had hired him to work for his company and perform various tasks. Even more, Franklin had let Doyle move in with him so he had an easier time getting to work.

But Doyle made the mistake of stealing from Franklin when he went on vacation to Costa Rica. Doyle made it worse by posting photos of himself wearing Franklin’s watch on Snapchat. Franklin explained:

“He took stolen property and got on Snapchat blasting it to all his friends trying to look cool. I want him to see he doesn’t look cool in my eyes.”

ABC 13 reports that in addition to the Rolex watch — the one he showed off on Snapchat — the teen stole electronics and a drone from Franklin.

Screenshot/ABC 13

Franklin described the interaction between him and the teen once he noticed that his watch was missing:

“He brought the watch back, but it was scratched and the bezel was broken. Then I noticed other things missing. I questioned him, and he lied about it.”

Following the confrontation, Doyle moved out, taking the Rolex, credit cards, and Franklin’s tools with him.

Franklin decided that what Doyle really needed was a little humiliation. He met with the teen’s parents, and they came up with the interesting punishment for him. Franklin explained to ABC 13:

“He wanted to be noticed, so that’s what I decided on.”

He didn’t come up with the punishment just to be cruel. He wanted Doyle to learn from this lesson. Franklin explained to the Houston Chronicle his decision not to press charges against Doyle, with whom he had built a relationship:

“I don’t think jail is a good solution for a young teen. I believe everyone deserves a second chance. He’s just a hard worker and he’s always done right and busted his butt and never complained. He had a big screw up and I didn’t want to see him do it again.

Standing in public with the humiliating wardrobe and sign was a good alternative to jail.

Screenshot/ABC 13

Doyle agrees. He told ABC 13:

“I’m learning my lesson and not going to jail and learning a worse way.”

The teen’s mother, Cristel Doyle, said the embarrassing punishment has already put her son in a better place:

“He turned 17 and wanted to move out of the house. He also dropped out of school, but guess what? After this, he’s going back. This is his get out of jail free card. He could be dead next time. I think he [Franklin] did him a big favor.”

Hopefully, he remembers standing on the corner the next time he thinks of breaking the law.

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