Indiana teen Davis Collier was killed this week after her sled went into the street, and was hit by a drunk driver.

Collier, 16, was a junior at Castle High School. She was out sledding in her town of Newburgh at around 10:00 pm when her sled went into the street, putting her in the path of an oncoming car.

Sadly, she was killed on impact.

The driver of the vehicle was 20-year-old Galina Witte. According to Tristate Homepage, last year, Witte was reportedly driving erratically and failed three sobriety tests. Police also allegedly found marijuana and a hydrocodone pill after searching her car. In October, she was arrested for drinking while intoxicated and in December was put on probation.

Witte was arrested and is facing being charged with “Operating While Intoxicated with a Prior Conviction and Operating While Intoxicated Endangering.” It is also possible more charges may be added as the investigation continues.

According to Tristate Homepage, the hill that Collier was sledding on is a popular sledding spot in the area. Following the accident, the street below the hill was closed off and a road barrier was put into place. It has not yet been reported when the street will open again.

Samantha James, a parent, described the dangers of this hill to Tristate Homepage:

“You can’t even tell once you’re up there the difference between ground and the street. Kids aren’t paying attention to cars and if anything people just need to be slowing down because they know kids are sledding.”

She added that last year, she grew concerned about children going into the street on their sleds.

James said:

“Last year I thought so many kids were going out in the street I just kept thinking someone is going to get hit.”

According to the original report, some parents would even stand in the street to protect their kids from oncoming traffic.

You can watch the tragic WFIE report below.

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