A 19-year-old will be sentenced on March 27, after pleading guilty to a charge for pushing her friend off of a bridge in Washington.

As The Columbian reports a video from the incident on August 7 went viral. The 10-second clip shows Jordan Holgerson, who was 16 at the time, hesitating to jump off a bridge at Moulton Falls Regional Park. In the video, she’s surrounded by a group of friends.

According to The Columbian, the affidavit says:

Once at the top, Jordan hesitated and began to have second thoughts about jumping. It should be noted that the surface of the bridge is 50 feet above the river.

A woman said to be Taylor Smith can then be seen suddenly pushing Holgerson off of the bridge causing her to plummet into the water below. Holgerson’s body can be heard smacking the water as witnesses gasp.

Holgerson suffered five broken ribs and two punctured lungs as a result of the fall.

As Dearly previously reported, at one point Smith said Holgerson asked her to push her. She said that she never intended to hurt her friend.

During a “Good Morning America” interview, Smith said:

“She wanted to jump and she was scared and she had asked me to give her a push and I didn’t think about the consequences. I thought she would be fine.”

However, Holgerson has denied that claim.

On Monday morning, Smith pled guilty to reckless endangerment in Clark County District Court. As a result, Judge Darvin Zimmerman can sentence Smith to a year in jail and/or a $5,000 fine.

However, The Columbian reports that the prosecutor is “recommending a sentence with no jail time.”

Further, if the judge accepts the lawyers’ agreement, he will place Smith on house arrest and require her to do community service.

The judge postponed sentencing until next week due to the defense attorney Nathan Pliska’s request for more time to prepare. Zimmerman also said it would give Holgerson time to gather her thoughts, in case she wanted to speak at the hearing.

However, Genelle Holgerson, the victim’s mother said:

“She doesn’t want more time, your honor.”

Nevertheless, Zimmerman stood by his decision to postpone the hearing. He said he would also be using the time to learn more about Holgerson’s injuries and medical costs.

The Columbian reports that Holgerson’s mother said outside of the courtroom that her daughter is still in therapy for her shoulder injury and now suffers from anxiety.

Both are ready to put this portion of their life behind them.

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19 Replies to “Teen Pleads Guilty After She Pushed Friend off a 50-Foot Bridge and It Was All Caught on Camera”

  • Melanie 2 years ago

    Sometimes friends can be cruel and want to hurt instead of protect. Thank God this girl survived this push. She very well could have died. Fractures and punctured lungs! Ouch. I imagine she had chest tubes inserted and they are extremely painful and she possibly could have been on a ventilator. Physical scars forever and emotional scars forever. The girl who did this never appeared to me as remorseful for what she did.

    • Jjb-54 2 years ago

      Yes, the girl ” survived “, but trust me, having been there:

      Broken Ribs * AND * punctured lungs “, having had both. The Lungs really never heal, that was when I was 20 and I’m now 64. This has haunted me all this time and took a good portion of my life and what I enjoyed doing away. Not to mention the ease of lung ‘ issues ‘ that I’ve had to become more aware of. IE: Smoking, Chemicals and such. No I never smoked, but asthma became a big issue and still is.

      No, this girl, sadly is in for a very long haul in her life now. I feel so bad for her … as I know partly of what she went through and will likely go through the rest of her life.

      The tubes in the chest .. don’t even get me started on that! 😛

      • John Dobise 2 years ago

        I agree with you Jjb. About five years ago I sustained the same injuries, but under totally different circumstances. The broken ribs still bother me and, along with my other scars, the tubes inserted left somemore marks that God didn’t give me at birth. Joking aside, Smith was 19 year old when she pushed the 16 year old off the bridge. One might question the judgement of Smith at 19 and yet most Democrat candidates for president want to lower the voting age to 16 years. Good judgement by Smith at 19 and Democrats above 18! NOT!

  • Irene 2 years ago

    The young girl needs jail time, community service and her parents sued for medical expenses along with additional pain and suffering complications.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Sue her parents?? She’s 19. Make her accountable for her own actions. That’s the problem with young people now. Mommy and Daddy pay their way. She should have to work her ass off for however long it takes to pay those medical bills. Let her do without! Take her checks and leave her just enough to barely survive.

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        The incident happened when she was 16. Making her a minor and her parents still responsible for the debt, unfortunately.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    It was an impulsive teenage thing to do. The girl has no history of criminal behavior. She has been apologizing since the incident happened. She is remorseful & regrets what she did to a friend she loves. Take it easy, people. Have you never made a serious mistake in your life? Good grief! She should get probation & community service. Perhaps a fine as well. But jail time? Ridiculous! Especially when we are living in a nation that has let MS-13 and ILLEGALS RUN AMUCK! GET SERIOUS!

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      No she has not in fact she minimized the severity of the case.

    • anonymou 2 2 years ago

      Hey GET SERIOUS! Police, American citizens, are murdering black people everyday, let’s not forget that.

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        I think you need to look at statistics. Of the people killed by police 51% were White and 28.1% Black and 19.3 Latino and 1.7% were Asia. We all know there are great cops and then there are some rogue cops that make it bad for all. I am not minimizing people innocently killed by cops. I think of Freddie Gray, but then my thoughts also go to cops who are protecting us and are killed in the line of duty.

  • Michael Bankston 2 years ago

    I do not blame the girl for not wanting to jump off a high rise bridge; young people often take chances without thinking, especially males. These kids ought to caught their blessings because things could have ended up worse for both of them. If I was the victim, I would never associate with the girl again.

  • AJ 2 years ago

    Dear Anonymous, ONE decision can ruin someone’s life forever. The perpetrator (that’s what she is), made a seriously bad decision and her consequences should be serious. Otherwise, she learns that she can make bad decisions, receive light punishment, and never really experience the impact of her actions. She may be remorseful; that alone is not enough to bring clarity to her decisions in the future. Yes, teenagers make bad decision sometimes. If they feel the impact of those decisions and receive appropriate consequences, they go forward making better decisions in the future. The perpetrator needs comprehensive mental health counseling around why she impulsively put her “friend’s” life at risk, everything else she got, and probably a bit of jail time. Something is badly amiss in her thinking. She scarred the girl she pushed for life and nearly took the victim’s life. Let’s not sugar-coat it.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago


    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      She’s an adult, and needs adult ramifications. Period.

      Her luck is that she didn’t kill the girl.

  • AJ 2 years ago

    Exactly how I’d describe your take on it! Your perspective is as if you are speaking on behalf of the idiot girl who did the pushing and her interests, or her family. That girl needs therapy and clearly so do you.

  • B 2 years ago

    From the looks of that shove she gave her and the way she looked back, she wasn’t ready to dive

  • Dale 2 years ago

    Anyone noticing a trend with these penalty phases? No jail time. Things that make you go hmmm.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Equal sentencing!

      No preferential light treatment for white folks!

      Justice is supposed to be blind!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    So Sad

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