A teenager’s kind gesture to pay for his friends’ lunch turned into a humiliating experience at a restaurant. 

Over the weekend, Beer 88 customer Cohen Naulty, 17, offered to take a few of his friends out for lunch, but didn’t have enough paper cash to cover the tab, reports WSET.

The Virginia teen paid for his $45 meal with a $20 bill and a whole lot of change. He even added an extra 40 quarters ($10) for tip. 

The Lynchburg restaurant responded by taking a photo of the coin-covered table and posting the picture on Facebook. 

Beer 88 wrote:

We’ll just caption this … ‘How NOT to pay at a restaurant,’ cause that’s the nicest thing we can think to say about this ridiculousness.

#wearebeer88notcoinstar #anybodyneedchange #nohometraing #atleasttheyleftatip #workingwiththepublic 

The teen, who works as a Kountry Kitchen server, told WSET that he used his tips to pay the bill, and he’s not sure why the restaurant shamed him for it. 

“It’s just U.S. currency, I’m allowed to use it, it’s not illegal. I’m not doing anything wrong.”

The boy’s mother, Kim Naulty, took offense to the Facebook post. She said:

“That was dirty. That was — one of their hashtags was #nohometraining.

If anybody met Cohen or knows Cohen, knows that couldn’t be the farthest thing from the truth, and you know he’s a good kid.”

Beer 88 insisted the picture was just a fun social media joke after people slammed the restaurant for poking fun of the teen’s situation.

Owner Yao Liu apologized to the boy on behalf of the restaurant. Lui told the news station she has received several death threats after the incident.  

Naulty on the other hand turned the shameful event into an opportunity to pay for more meals by launching a Facebook fundraiser.

He said he’ll continue to pay for people’s meals even if he has to “scrape together my last quarters to do so.”

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