Haven has big dreams.

As KFOR News reports, the 17-year-old from Oklahoma hopes to travel the world one day — hopefully as a member of the U.S. Army.

He says the reason he wants to join the military is that he’s inspired by the idea of “being a part of something bigger than myself and to serve my country.”

Haven is involved with JROTC and was able to get a hint of what the army might be like with a trip to the Oklahoma National Guard. But while his dream of serving his country is still ahead of him, there’s another dream that’s about to slip away.

Haven doesn’t have a family to call his own. And with his 18th birthday coming in October, he only has a few months left to get adopted before he ages out of the state foster care system.

Currently, the teen lives in a shelter with four other kids. He told KFOR that his living situation can get old:

“It gets old at times. Just being there. Not being able to go out whenever I want.”

More importantly, he wants to experience being part of a family. He says he sees a family as “someone to help you, like be there for you if you need help.” He added that a family would also help guide him into adulthood:

“Not just going into it all blind because that’s how you get into drugs and bad stuff like that.”

Haven has been in state custody since he was 12, and he is beginning to lose hope that he will find the adoptive family he’s been dreaming of.

The teen isn’t picky. He says the family he wants to be adopted by is simply, “Anyone who will take me.” He added:

“I don’t really care. As long as it’s a family that will show love for me and be there for me.”

To learn more about adoption and foster care, visit AdoptUSKids. For foster care information in Haven’s home state of Oklahoma, visit the Oklahoma Department of Human Services resource page.

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19 Replies to “Teen Only Has Months to Fulfill Dream of Being Adopted. His Ideal Family Is ‘Anyone Who Will Take Me’”

  • sm 2 years ago

    Wish I could adopt this kid….he sounds GREAT! Hope some family out there sees this and says – “That’s the kid for us!” Really.

  • Michael Bankston 2 years ago

    Good fortune to you bro!

  • Paul H. Henderson 2 years ago

    I am 73 and my wife is 66 today. Getting this one would be a great bargain. Well worth the investment. god provide for him is my prayer. I would be willing so try.

  • Heart of ❤️ 2 years ago

    This is very sad. And it’s heartbreaking that hundreds of thousands of others are in the same predicament. Can’t we all open our hearts & homes to them? We’re just about to finish our training and can’t wait to adopt from the foster care system! No child should have to grow up like this and we intend to do our part to give a child a forever home. Won’t you do the same?

    • Susan M 2 years ago

      We had applied to become foster parents, but then they changed and no longer have this available in our area. We were told by our county that they would put any foster child in the home of a relative instead of placing that child in foster care. So now we have an extra bedroom that is empty.

  • Ari 2 years ago

    My husband is an honorably discharged three time Iraq/Afghanistan veteran, Military Police (E5). We are located in Louisville, Kentucky and both are college graduates working in the Emergency Room at University of Louisville Hospital (ER Nurse- Paramedic) Team. We have been unable to have children of our own together for several years. We also own a company that provides Dalmatians to firefighters and departments across the country. We would like to give Haven a Home , a family, and the right start in life. We have written this agency , as adoption has been pulling at our hearts for a great long while. It is my hope that whomever is eligible to become an adoptive family for Haven, the process allows him this within the time frame he needs. They will be a lucky family, for sure- God Bless this boy!

    • Noreen 2 years ago

      Ari, God bless you and your husband. I pray that the agency does get in touch with you and Haden becomes part of your family. <3

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      I hope you get this CHILD,,,,,Good Luck To You All.

    • Granny 2 years ago

      You sound like a loving couple who can give so much to this young man. I just stopped and said a prayer and will continue. I pray that God places him with you. Many prayers and hugs!

  • Josefa martinez 2 years ago

    I will adopt you but I’m in Florida

  • Shannon 2 years ago

    I will adopt him

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    May God bless you Haven, and lead you in the right direction for your life. Praying that the right family will adopt you and provide a home for you that’s filled with love, understanding, and concern for you and all aspects of your life. May you be blessed and happy for the rest of your life, through the good times and the bad.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    My heart hurts for this young man!! I REALLY hope he finds a family!!

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Has Haven been adopted? Please give an update

  • Angela Cunningham 2 years ago


  • TerryK 2 years ago

    I have been a licensed foster care provider for over 10 years, and I have adopted twice from the system. I am scaling back my foster care due to my husband’s death three years ago and being a single mom to my two boys, ages 10 and 11. My licensing agency wants me to keep my license, but I have limited the type of child I am willing to accept. Haven would be the type of young person that I would welcome into my home. My husband was a very proud Marine Corps veteran, and all four of my adult children are veterans (3 Marines and 1 Army). I think that the idea of sending a child into the military causes potential foster parents to hesitate, but as an active military support mom I think my family could be a good fit for Haven.

  • Yolanda 2 years ago

    Give me a license for foster care I’ll take as many children as I can ? I’ve been there I know from experience

  • Michael L. Howard 2 years ago

    Has Haven been adopted yet???

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